Word Of The Week - Self-Improvement

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 16 2020

The best way to create your own damn magic is to work on yourself relentlessly and to achieve self-improvement. But why is self-improvement so important to create your own damn magic? Here is why:

What Is Self-Improvement?

Well, self-improvement is pretty self-explanatory - it's the ability to put in the effort into improving different aspects of yourself, improving your skills, your character, and knowledge. Self-improvement is based on the realization that the world constantly changes - nothing is set in stone. Because the world is constantly changing, it's simply impossible to know it all or to be the best that you can simply because everything eventually changes bit by bit.

Why Is Self-Improvement Important?

Self-improvement is perhaps one of the most important skills/mindset to develop because to create your own magic you have to stop getting stuck in the same old circle of habits, and instead move forward in life. Here is why self-improvement is important:

-Developing Self-Awareness

Keeping in touch with yourself is crucial because only by doing so you will always know where you are at in life, which in turn will eliminate the possibility to stress out or be anxious unnecessarily. Although the current reality might not be ideal for you at the moment, it doesn't mean that you should completely get out of touch with yourself and adopt the autopilot mode. Only by being aware where you stand can you start to improve yourself, which is why self-improvement is amazing.

-Improving Relationships

When you start to self-improve, you will soon notice that even if you are not focusing on improving your relationships with others or with yourself, they will improve, regardless of your focus. That's because self-improvement makes you a better you, and when you are better, everything in your life improves and becomes better as well.

-Develop A Sense Of Purpose

When you are working on improving yourself, it's also a very humbling process, because to start improving yourself you have to accept that even though you might be doing fine at the moment, to do great there is still room for improvement in your life. And by simply adapting this mindset, although it might seem unnatural at the beginning like something is closing off inside you - after a while, you understand it's the opposite. A whole world opens up to you when you realize there is so much to learn and experience in life. This is why self-improvement is important - because you will develop a deep sense of purpose in life.

How to work on improving yourself?

Here are a few ways to work on improving yourself:

-Learning Is The Key!

Getting stuck in a rut of the same old habits is what is keeping you from improving yourself. To improve yourself you have to start learning something new or improve all of the already existing skills you have. Devote half an hour each day to improving a skill or learning something new. In just a month you will see an incredible difference!

-Read Books Every Day

The best way to improve yourself and increase your knowledge is to read more books. There are many self-improvement books that you can learn from, but that doesn't mean that you can learn only from self-improvement books. Any book can hold useful information, so each day set a mini goal to read at least 5 pages from a book. Even 5 pages a day are better than staying in the rut.

-Set Goals And To-Do Lists

Speaking of goals, to improve yourself you have to have a clear image in your head as to what you want to improve. Setting goals is the easiest way to maintain that image in your head. To make your goals more easily achievable and to make progress every day, make todo lists for every day. However when you make your todo lists make sure that you don't put too many tasks on them because then you will feel discouraged when you won't achieve the unachievable. It's better to have steady, slow progress instead of working very hard for a week and then giving up!

We hope these tips will help you to more easily work on improving yourself!



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