How to use your Ultimate Sage Cleansing Kit?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 10 2019

In life, you are constantly creating our own magic with the help of the ups and downs. When you are up – you enjoy your magic, when you are down – you learn a valuable lesson. But, when things start going significantly more down than up, it’s time to ask yourself whether it is really a valuable lesson life has to teach you, or you picked up some itchy vibes that are bringing you down. Those pesky low-frequency vibes can cause a lot of trouble, but their reign is over because we have created the Ultimate Sage Cleansing Kit just for you.

Wait, what is Sage?

Sage is one of the oldest herbs that has been used ever since the dawn of time in all corners of the world. It’s one of the most often used tools for cleansing yourself, your home, workspace and even protecting it from those itchy vibes that you might have been picking up.

Why is Sage perfect for cleansing?

Sage is not only cleansing you spiritually but also physically. After several experiments, scientists confirmed that by burning sage you can disinfect your air by cleaning up to 94% of airborne bacteria. Not only that but by inhaling the smoke you could also feel that your mood is instantly getting better, back to your natural, high-frequency vibration state. This is because sage releases negative ions into the air which in several studies is linked to getting people in a better mood.

How to use your Sage Cleansing Kit?

When we were creating this cleansing kit, we were thinking about how we could make it more useful for you, and tried to include all the necessary tools for a cleansing ritual. There are two versions: one has an Abalone Shell and the other one has a Metal Cauldron for burning your Sage. Both are equally effective, so it’s up to your preference to choose your kit. Here is how to use the kit:

  • White Californian Sage as the one we use in our kit is the best quality for cleansing purposes. When you take the smudge stick, light it. The sage will probably start burning in flames, but don’t panic – it is okay. Let it burn for about 20 seconds, then blow out the flame. Now the sage should be with orange embers on the ends.

  • When you light your Sage make sure that you have your Abalone Shell/Metal Cauldron next to you because Sage can get really hot really fast.

  • Place the Sage on the space in front of you, take a few deep breaths.

  • Then take your Sage, and start making circular motions with your 7 Feather Smudger to start distributing the smoke evenly around your body. Start by smudging from your pelvic bone, upwards in a straight line. When you get at the top of your head, breathe in once more deeply and breathe out, releasing all the negative thoughts, emotions and vibes.

  • Then, if you are performing another ritual, bring the smoke over your tools, making sure you envelop them with smoke.

  • If not, continue to smudge while walking in a circle in the room that you are performing the ritual. Make sure you go into every corner of the room. Then repeat the same with every room in your home.

  • When you are done, open your windows to let out all the pesky negative vibes out.

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