The Best Law of Attraction Crystals – Manifest Anything!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 10 2019

When you are trying to manifest the fulfilling life that you always dreamed about, the easiest way to do so is by teaming up with Law of Attraction Crystals. As we often like to say, there is a crystal for everything in the crystal world, so when you want to vibe with the Law of Attraction the easiest way to manifest anything is by choosing the right crystal. Here are the best crystals to use:

Manifesting Love – Rose Quartz

We all need a little love in our lives. After all, love is one of the strongest forces in the universe. It’s what drives us. It’s what we desire most in our lives – to be at peace at ourselves and nourish ourselves with self-love, to find that special someone or just reinvigorate the passion in a relationship. Love is a necessity for us because love does to us what spring does to nature.

However, leading a busy life can be a challenging time to find love. Sometimes, you need a little boost from your crystal buddies. And whichever type of love you are pursuing – Rose Quartz is your go-to crystal for manifesting love. It’s gentle, soothing energy frequencies will help you restore your Heart Chakra, opening a new world filled with infinite love for you.

Manifesting Abundance - Pyrite, Citrine and Lapis Lazuli

One of the most common issues that we encounter these days are work-related or money issues. All the knowledge of the world is at the palm of our hands, allowing us to learn, and yearn to be more than we have ever imagined. However, reality sinks in and we learn that financial stability is actually very important. When there isn’t enough to meet ends meet we often find ourselves desiring financial independence, and to have our needs met. And in these situations, having the universe on your side is a huge plus! By enhancing manifesting through the Law of Attraction with crystals, you can manifest any kind of abundance in your life! Here are the best crystals for:

- Attracting Money – If you are looking to increase your income, then we recommend using a combination of Pyrite and Aventurine. The powerful vibes of Pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold” attract abundance while the playful vibes of Aventurine bring luck – the perfect combination for increasing your income.

- Advancing in your career – With its powerful, creative vibes, Citrine is the perfect crystal to join with when you want to move forward in your career. The increased positivity and creativity will help you overcome all obstacles and gain your promotion. Paired up with Carnelian, your leadership and problem-solving skills will also get a boost.

- Attracting Spiritual Wealth – If you would like to achieve spiritual wealth then you need to pair up the trio of spirituality - Amethyst, Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli. Amethyst will help you become calmer and boost your intuition, bringing you one step closer to your higher-self. Sodalite simply radiates with wisdom. By helping you enhance your sixth sense, it will help you rise above the everyday existence, into the spiritual world. Lapis Lazuli will help you tap into the realm of infinite knowledge, and help you bring wisdom back from your spiritual journey.

Manifesting Magic - Clear Quartz, Tiger’s Eye and Road Opener Crystals

- Setting Intentions – The first step towards progress is setting the right intentions. We recommend using clear quartz for setting intentions. Once you program your Clear Quartz with your intentions, it amplifies the energy and sends it out into the universe constantly. Even if you forget, Clear Quartz certainly won’t.

- Goals – If you are looking to manifest your dreams, then truly there is no other crystal that can do a better job. Just think of Tiger’s Eye as a spiritual compass that will always point you in the right direction to help you grow and overcome difficulties. Perfect for achieving your goals!

- Progress – Sometimes in life you are stuck on the same place over and over again, unable to move forward in life. We recommend using our road opener kit to overcome any kind of blockage in your life and open your life path for further progress.

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