What’s Your Moon Phase?

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 13 2019

The Moon’s phases guide our daily life in subtle, yet powerful ways. There are times to plant intentions (New Moons), to start new things (waxing moon), to reap rewards (Full Moons) and to let go of what no longer serves us (waning moons). What fewer people think about is that we, as well, carry in our birth charts the imprint of the Moon phase that we were born under.

Are you curious, energetic? Do people admire your childlike enthusiasm? Then maybe you were born on a waxing moon. On the contrary, have you always felt like an “old soul”? Then waning moon might be your phase. Read below to find out more!

New Moon personality

You were born on a New Moon if, in your birth chart, the Moon is 1 to 45 degrees ahead of the Sun. Being born at the beginning of a new cycle can only bring enthusiasm and a fresh, raw kind of energy to your personality! You are like a child who is now discovering the world, exploring the limits of what you can and cannot do, following your impulses and your desires. You work best if you take initiative and follow your gut feelings. When things become too chaotic, you can benefit from slowing down a little and listening to the advice of those around you. You’re going to go your own way no matter what, but stay open to the info that can light this path!

Waxing Crescent personality

You were born on a Waxing Crescent Moon if, in your birth chart, the Moon is 45 to 90 degrees ahead of the Sun. You have a curious, innovative, assertive personality and you’re keen on following your ambition. You might be torn between wanting to break new ground and being held back by “how things are done” traditionally. Fishing for a bit of wisdom and integrating it in your fiery approach can help you soothe possible chaos.

First Quarter Moon personality

You were born on a First Quarter Moon if, in your birth chart, the Moon is 90 to 135 degrees ahead of the Sun. First Quarter Moons are moments when we evaluate what we’ve achieved until now- a process that can give birth to crisis, as flaws or mistakes can come to the surface. If you come across as a rebel, it’s probably because you’re keenly aware of what needs to change. Work with those around you to bring improvement both within and without!

Waxing Gibbous personality

You were born on a Waxing Gibbous Moon if the Moon is 135 to 180 degrees ahead of the Sun in your birth chart. During this phase, the Moon is nearing fullness, reflecting a strive for balance and for fulfillment in your personality. You’re a humanitarian, someone who searches for meaning and who likes to use their skills for the greater good, alongside the people who share your values and who are close to your heart. Working towards your goals- especially through apprenticeship- is something that defines you, so stay patient and trust your gifts!

Full Moon personality

You were born on a Full Moon if the Moon is 180 to 225 degrees ahead of the Sun in your birth chart. A strong emotional imprint influences your personality, as this cosmic moment is one where our deepest feelings come to light. You’ve got a rich and intense inner life and you can best gain mastery over your emotions and shifting moods if you learn to accept them first, flowing with your intuition. You’ve got a strong awareness of your mission and a good perspective of what you should do to achieve growth. However, since Full Moons are times of accomplishment and of fruition, the secret is that you already are in the middle of abundance!

Waning Gibbous Moon personality

You were born on a Waning Gibbous Moon if the Moon is 225 to 270 degrees ahead of the Sun

in your birth chart. The Waning Gibbous Moon is a time of passing your wisdom forward, spreading the fruits of what you’ve accomplished out into the world. You’re a natural teacher, a caretaker for whom success is a selfless concept. You’re here to guide, led by your inner wisdom, yet required to see when your strong beliefs might be limiting you. Staying strong through challenging times will definitely pay off, as success and peace are more likely to come later on in life.

Last Quarter Moon personality

You were born on a Last Quarter Moon if the Moon is 270 to 315 degrees ahead of the Sun in your birth chart. We’re nearing towards the end of a cycle. After disseminating and analysing its results, not much remains to be done except… to go within and turn it all around! You’re highly intuitive and connected to the spiritual side of life. At the same time, you’re quite mature, guided by an unconventional kind of wisdom that allows you to be a force of change. Balancing dreams with reality and convention with revolution are some of the challenges that you might go through on the path of manifesting your vision. And what a vision that is!

Balsamic Moon personality

You were born on a Balsamic Moon if the Moon is 315 to 360 degrees ahead of the Sun in your birth chart. At the end of a cycle, this is a moment of looking back at past experiences and tying up the last loose ends before starting again. You might find yourself often preoccupied with the past and uncertain or excited about the future- you’re dwelling in the in-between, almost ready to start again. Luckily, the end of a cycle brings you a deep understanding of life. You’re preoccupied with elucidating its mysteries and you’ve got a great potential for healing and spiritual work!

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