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Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on December 21 2018

Hello, Magic Makers!

A New Year is coming and we wanted to give you a little treat. How would you feel about a set of FREE Crystal Grids templates that you can print at home? Yasssss! These can serve as great templates as you start working with crystal grids especially if you are thinking about our crystal grid starter set. Click below to download and then be sure the check out the instructions below on how to use the Flower of Life!

How to Create a Flower of Life Crystal Grid –

  1. When you start your crystal healing session its important to start everything off on a clean slate. This means that cleansing your crystals is very important. Light your smudge stick and bring it over the crystals. Let the smoke of white sage cleanse any remaining low frequency vibes. Do this once a week to ensure your intentions will be sent out properly to the Universe.

  2. Take out the Flower of life crystal grid. This crystal grid shows you how the energy from the crystals spread and interacts with each other. By placing your crystals properly, each crystal will interact, transform its energy and amplify the energy that is being sent out.

  3. Each crystal grid is designed in a way that three sets of crystals can be placed on it, each row behind the other with a focus crystal in the middle. The lines that you see represent the path through which energy flows and will eventually interact with the energy of the other crystals placed on the crystal grid. It represents the very Pattern of Life.

  4. Next, it’s time to place your crystals on the crystal grid. Place your focus stone, then your way stone and finally, your desire stone if you have one. You don’t always need all three, it’s just most important that symmetry is maintained and both sides of the grid are balanced.

    1. Focus stones – They are usually placed at the center of the crystal grid. Its purpose is to gather the energy, drawing it through it and sending out your intentions in a form of energy signature to the Universe

    2. Way Stones – These stones are the second row of crystals, usually placed around your focus stone. They are very important because they give shape to the energy that is being received.

    3. Desire Stones – They are the last row of crystals that are placed on the crystal grid. They give the final shape of the energy that is being received by the focus stone. They are usually very powerful crystals that you would use alone to accomplish your wishes and intentions.

  5. Here are some suggested configurations on how to place the crystals for a specific purpose:

    1. Peace: Place Sodalite in the middle as your focus crystal. Then place the two Amethyst points around the Sodalite. And finally, add the four Clear Quartz crystals to your crystal grid. Allow the harmonizing energy overflow you!

    2. Love: Place Rose Quartz in the middle as your focus crystal. Then place the two Amethyst points and the four Clear Quartz crystals in the form of a circle. Allow the loving and soothing energy overflow you!

    3. Prosperity and Fortune: Place Aventurine and Citrine in the middle as your focus crystals. Then place clear quartz around it to amplify the energy of the Aventurine and Citrine.

    4. Protection: Place Black Tourmaline in the middle of your crystal grid. Next place the four Clear Quartz crystals surrounding your Black Tourmaline.

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