How to Carve your Candles?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 07 2018

Now that you have an awesome Meditation Altar, it’s time to work on sending your positive intentions and vibes into the Universe so you can manifest the change in your life. One of the most interesting and effective ways to do this is candle carving. Now, of course you can just buy a carved candle and burn it but that isn't it that much more fun to carve your own candles when you have time?

Candle carving is an amazing and interesting process where, by carving your candle, you make sure that your intention and positive vibes are sent through the candle into the Universe. Plus, it's the act of carving, the focus, the doing that really solidifies your intentions to the universe.  So, how exactly do you carve your candles?

There are many ways to do this, but we advise you to go through these magical three steps so you can properly imprint your intention into the candle:

1. Cleansing

Cleansing can be done in many ways and it’s a really important step. After all, you don’t want any energy that is not in alignment with your intention lurking near your candle. The most common and effective way to do this is by holding your candle over sage incense smoke.

2. Dressing

A dressing is a process where you can use some essential oils to cover your candle. When setting and imprinting your intention in the candle, even before you carve it, this is the most crucial step. If you are trying to attract some positive energy in your life, then you should dress your candle from the middle to the bottom. If you are trying to get rid of blocks, then you should rub the essential oil from the middle to the top.

3. Carving

Now we finally came to the carving part. Close your eyes and say a little prayer. Focus all your positive energy into the intention you want to imprint into the candle. Now, with a toothpick or a small knife, begin to slowly carve your candle. Depending on the intention you can carve different symbols on it. For example, carve a heart for love, or if you want to bring balance to your life you can carve the yin and yang symbol or maybe even the infinity sign for general well-being. It’s all up to you and in accordance with the intention that you want to set in the candle.

And that’s it! Now that you are all done you can burn your candle on your Meditation Altar while you meditate and send out your intentions into the Universe! 



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