Astro Alert: Venus Enters Scorpio

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 08 2021

As a counterpoint, things are getting serious in relationships this week; with Venus squaring obsessive Pluto, then entering powerful Scorpio will stir our desires and will prompt us to seek intensity and emotional intimacy in relationships.

Power struggles might come to the surface, supporting us to stand strong in our power and to work with any deeper emotions that might be triggered.

Venus in Scorpio: September 10 – October 7

If Venus in Libra supported us to relate to others with grace, politeness, and an ounce of intellectual distance, with Venus in Scorpio there are no holds barred. We’re craving deep, soul-stirring, passionate connections, and we tend to give and to receive love with more intensity, but also with an increased expectation for commitment and dedication.

With this placement, we’ll be more secretive when it comes to our love lives during the following month and we’ll tend toward caution when we open our hearts to others. Venus in Scorpio knows very well that not everyone has pure intentions. The best way to approach others during this month is by following our intuition: How do I feel when I get close to that person?

Do they seem authentic or is there something off about them? In a social context, Venus in Scorpio can tell intuitively who they’ll get along with. In the following month, we’re supported to tap into our Scorpio side and hone our social intuition.

We’ll feel more passionate during this transit and we’ll seek physical expression for our emotions; ideally, we’re in tune with desire both on a physical and energetic level, staying aware of the bonds that are created between us. The shadow of Venus in Scorpio turns passion into jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession; it can be a challenge to stay mindful of our energy and to set boundaries for how we merge with others at this time.

This year, Venus in Scorpio is challenged by tense aspects from Saturn and Uranus, triggering us through situations that could feel stifling, limiting, or cold in relationships. We could tend to be cynical, dominating, or to distance ourselves from others if we feel like their level of commitment doesn’t match ours.

It helps to stay mindful of our desires and values in relationships and to avoid projecting our shadows – such as a fear of rejection, abandonment, or loss of control – on others. September creates a challenging, but fruitful context to explore our desires and our fears in relationships.

Toward the end of September – at the beginning of October, a square with Jupiter and a beautiful trine with Neptune shifts the vibe to a softer, dreamier kind of energy that supports us to heal relationship wounds and to nurture compassion and forgiveness.

On the other hand, obsessive or possessive tendencies from September could amplify for those who allow themselves to be carried away. Stay mindful of where you might not see things clearly and follow your gut feelings – not your cravings - at this time. 


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