Astro Alert: Venus is in Capricorn

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on November 10 2021

On the 5th, Venus enters Capricorn, where she’ll be having an extended stay until March 6! The next months will be all about our long-term commitments (love, business partnerships, contracts) and our boundaries in relationships. This is a serious, down-to-earth transit that supports us to tackle relationship problems head-on, to be clear about our intentions, and to plan for the long term.

On this same day, Mercury enters Scorpio, finally leaving his extended retrograde shadow. The following three weeks are a time to have those deep talks we’ve been avoiding and to communicate more openly about subjects that we usually sweep under the rug.

Venus in Capricorn:
November 5 – March 6

Venus In Capricorn

After waltzing through adventurous Sagittarius and giving us a taste of the good life, love goddess Venus enters Capricorn, the most down-to-earth zodiac sign, where she’ll be having an extended stay until March. In the sign of hard work and boundaries, Venus brings a “make it or break it” kind of vibe that will help us strengthen the relationships that are worth it and leave behind those that aren’t based on respect and mutual goals. 

Venus spends about 20 days in one sign. Are you curious about the reason for her four-month slow dance through Capricorn? From December 18 to January 28, Venus will be retrograde, prompting us to look within, prioritize self-love, and figure out what we’re looking for in a long-term commitment. We’ll be talking more about the retrograde in December, but for now, it’s important to know that the following months will bring a serious, pragmatic approach to our relationships and an increased need for loyalty, commitment, and strong boundaries.

Capricorn is the sign of the builder. He isn’t afraid to follow his goals, overcome obstacles, and postpone immediate satisfaction in favor of long-term fulfillment. In the following months, we’re being called to build healthier relationships by solving problems, clarifying personal and mutual goals, making a plan for the future, and discussing needs to make sure that everyone’s boundaries are set in place. Both in love and in business, we need to be upfront about our desires and to stay realistic about the future of our connections.

It’s said that Capricorns are the most loyal partners. During the next months, we’re called to explore the concept of loyalty to ourselves and to others, finding ways of sticking together through the good and the bad and setting boundaries in situations where we feel disrespected. For the people-pleasers among us, this transit can be empowering, no longer supporting relationships based on inequality.

Keeping faith in life and in love can be a challenge with Venus in Capricorn man & woman. We might feel lonelier than usual or we could find it harder to open up to others, choosing reason and pragmatism over vulnerability. The symbol for this planetary placement is “A beautiful woman buttons herself into an old-fashioned dress”: an image of propriety that leaves little place for passion. It’s important to keep the flame alive within ourselves and in our relationships by working with our fears so we can love fully, without allowing responsibility to stifle romance.


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