Astro Alert: Mars Enters Libra

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 13 2021

Starting from the 14th and until the end of October, Mars in Libra supports us to focus on solving disputes, reaching agreements, and fighting for what is fair. Since the energy of peaceful Libra doesn’t suit combative Mars, certain situations might require us to find a middle point between our instincts and society’s requirements of politeness and compromise during the next month and a half.

We’re supported to find the courage to speak up about what matters to us, especially with loved ones, and to keep a balanced perspective during possible conflicts. This week’s energy can feel intense, supporting us to dive deep into the work that interests us, but also a bit ungrounded, asking for plenty of breaks and pleasurable moments of escapism.

In relationships, stay mindful not to sacrifice yourself for others or be swept off by the illusion that you can change or save them, especially around the 17th, when a Venus-Saturn square might make us more critical or distant in relationships. Acceptance and self-acceptance are important keys right now.

Mars in Libra: September 14 – October 30

Can you imagine how Mars, the god of war and the ruler of our instincts, feels in Libra, the sign of social grace, diplomacy, and refinement? You’ve guessed it – like a soldier, fresh from the fight, stepping into a room full of precious porcelain vases.

The following month and a half is all about the contrast between our instincts and our social intelligence, our individual desires and the compromises that we need to make to fit in and foster balanced relationships with others. Those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn energy will feel this challenge the most!

On the bright side, this transit will make us more sensitive to social issues, especially problems around justice and fairness. We’ll want to stand up for what we believe in and to express our ideas with confidence.

In relationships, we’re supported to be assertive and to take action if we feel like we’re giving more than we’re receiving; imbalances in our connections will come to the surface with more ease at this time, prompting us to confront the elephant in the room and to find a mutually beneficial solution.

The challenge is not to let ourselves be swayed by other people’s opinions or led by our fear of disappointing those we care about, especially if we’re about to say or to do something that goes against etiquette or convention. Mars in Libra asks us to be aware of our fears or indecisions… and to do what we want to do anyway, with confidence and grace.

The people-pleasers or the procrastinators among us will be challenged to be more assertive and decisive in their actions, while those of us who usually insist on getting their own way will go through situations that ask for an extra dose of sensitivity and empathy. 

Toward the end of September, Mars approaches the Sun and forms a trine with serious Saturn, making it a time when we’re supported to control our impulses and commit to a clear course of action.

It’s not a great moment to take risks; doing more of the same, with patience and consistency, will pay off in time. During the first part of October, energy levels are on the rise and the vibe changes, encouraging us to take risks in life and in love and to express our masculine side – confidence, initiative, strength – in all we do.

We’ll be energized, optimistic, and ready to overcome any challenge at this time! A little caution and humility are advised. Finally, the second part of October can bring issues linked to power, control, or obsession in relationships, asking us to stand in our personal power and to act with integrity.


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