Astro Alert: Venus conjuncts Mars

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 06 2022

This same day brings the second Venus-Mars conjunction of the year, a great time for meeting new people (especially in group contexts) and exploring our options in love! Existing relationships can also benefit from an extra dose of enthusiasm and passion. Starting from the 9th, Mercury enters Pisces, favoring an intuitive, creative way of thinking and communicating until the end of the month.

Venus conjunct Mars:
March 6


March continues February’s trend toward relationships and fruitful collaborations: perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s easier to meet new people during the last month and that your thoughts and desires revolve around relationships and intimacy more than they normally do. In February, Venus had a rendezvous with Mars in the practical sign of Capricorn, supporting work collaborations and romance with an extra dose of caution. This month, the same two planets meet up in wacky Aquarius, encouraging us to take risks in love and to meet like-minded people, especially in group contexts or online.

Before Venus and Mars meet up in Aquarius, they form conjunctions with Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, in Capricorn. Around the 3rd of March, sparks will fly in our relationships, whether it will be in the form of amped-up passion or arguments. The challenge – staying mindful of toxic behaviors and rising above the whirlwind of emotions when needed. Our shadow side comes to the surface at this time, from powerful desires or desires for power to unintegrated trauma. If we handle this intense energy with awareness, noticing when we tend to project our fears on others, we can feel liberated on the 6th, when the Venus-Mars conjunction favors romance and creativity.

The energy is magnetic, whether we’re talking about love or about the projects that we’re devoted to. The first part of March is great for dating, trying new things in the bedroom, starting a creative project (especially if it has a touch of the unconventional), or striking up a new work partnership with someone who shares our ideals. 

Those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius energy will feel the effects of this conjunction the most, but all of us can feel bold, passionate, and creative in the life area ruled by Aquarius in the birth chart.


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