Astro Alert: Sun Enters Libra

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 22 2021

Starting from the 22nd, the Sun in Libra marks a season when relationships will take center stage in our lives: a great time for enjoying an old or a new romance and spending quality time with loved ones.

Venus, the planet of relationships, opposes wacky Uranus on the 23rd, opening up this year’s Libra season with an unconventional and surprising flavor. We might be more easily triggered or need more freedom to do our own thing at this time; staying authentic, but finding balance through compromise is the best solution right now, especially if things heat up. 

The Sun in Libra: September 22 – October 23

If Leo season has been all about the self, the Sun in Libra shifts the focus on the way we relate to others, making connections and mirroring each other in a dance of reciprocity. This is the season of romance, relationships, beauty, and art, a time to enjoy the best that life has to offer and to know ourselves through the people we interact with. 

The Sun – the planet of the self - is traditionally considered in detriment in Libra, the sign of relationships, but this only speaks about Libra’s shadow: a tendency to lose ourselves in others and to compromise our ambitions and desires for the sake of keeping the peace in a relationship.

Perhaps you can notice this tendency within yourself when your Libra side becomes too keen on people-pleasing. However, a balanced Libra knows how to retain her individuality in partnership, making the compromises needed for the connection to survive and to thrive, but without sacrificing her own values in the process. This is the challenge that we’re facing in the following month, especially if we have strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn energy in the birth chart.

No matter your sign, this is a season for turning toward others, enjoying quality time spent with loved ones, and tackling life by looking for the middle way instead of choosing impulsive or extreme actions.

The beginning of autumn finds us on a quest for balance. Look at where Libra is in your natal chart to find out where you’re being called to integrate different perspectives, to find the middle ground, to act with grace and understanding, but to also keep your inner fire strong during the next month. 

Toward the end of September, poise and composure are the names of the game as a Sun-Saturn trine makes it easy to channel our energy into social or learning activities.

In the first week of October, a powerful Sun-Mars conjunction supports us to express our masculine, assertive side in relationships, taking initiative and fighting – in the way of a peaceful warrior - for fairness and balance, while the second week of the month can find us expanding our social circle, having fun with friends, meeting a new love interest, or working intensely on a project with the people we vibe with. Expect a lot of expansion and learning through social connections at this time! 

Finally, the second part of October asks us to stay mindful of how we express our personal power, advising us against being too critical with ourselves or others. If relationship insecurities come to the surface at this time, we’re supported to have an extra dose of patience and understanding and to stay curious about the psychological roots of our reactions.


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