Astro Alert: Mercury Retrograde In Libra

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Posted on September 27 2021

Finally, starting from the 27th, we’ve got the last Mercury retrograde of the year, and this time it’s all about relationships! Until mid-October, we’re supported to go within and to reconsider our relationship priorities and values, noticing if there’s an equal give-and-take in our connections.

It’s time to have those difficult conversations that we’ve been avoiding, but to stay patient and not make any hasty decisions - we don’t always see things clearly when Mercury retrogrades. This is not the best time to sign a contract or to start a new partnership; it’s not a sin if you do, but stay aware that you might need to reconsider your decision later on.

This last week of August is marked by a dreamy, healing vibe brought by Venus trine Neptune, a beautiful aspect that supports us to follow our hearts and to open up to unconditional love, and simultaneously by a more serious Sun-Saturn trine, an aspect that gives us the patience and the perseverance to see our projects to their end.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra:
September 27 – October 18

With such strong Libra energy this month, it’s not a coincidence that Mercury retrogrades in this relationship-oriented sign! September is all about calibrating the give-and-take in our connections and exploring how the way we treat and think of ourselves is mirrored by those around us.

For three weeks, communication will be more difficult than usual and we might be faced with challenging decisions that prompt us to slow down, to look within, and to reflect on what we truly desire from our relationships.

Mercury enters his retrograde shadow on the 6th of September, so pay attention to what’s happening in your relationships from this day on. Do you tend to make too many compromises to keep the peace? Do you define your self-worth by how others see you, react to you, and appreciate you?

What difficult conversations have you been postponing and what issues need to be addressed? This Mercury retro is here to reveal the subtleties in our relationships and to support us to work on our social and emotional intelligence, especially if we’ve got strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn energy in our birth charts.

Memories and nostalgia for past relationships could come up at this time. If an ex reappears in your life – something very likely during the next three weeks – ask yourself whether the current version of yourself still wants them back.

In contrast, if you’re starting a new relationship during this Mercury retrograde, it could be a temporary connection that teaches you how to appreciate and love yourself better. What we start during Mercury retro doesn’t tend to last – unless it’s a redo or a revision of something from the past, consciously chosen – but, ultimately, there’s something to learn from every experience.

Expect the usual misunderstandings, tech mix-ups, or delayed flights during the following three weeks. When a planet is retrograde and things go wrong in the outside world, this is a cue to turn inward and to reflect instead of pushing forward with something new.

Where you have Libra in your chart is the life area that asks for an extra dose of patience, introspection, and awareness during the next period. In that particular area of your life, you’re supported to process and to integrate past experiences, reflecting on how much you’ve kept a balance between healthy self-assertion and compromise. 

Mercury forms a beautiful trine with Jupiter during most of his retrograde, supporting us to heal past relationships and to integrate the lessons that we’ve learned. Don’t be afraid to rely on those you love and strengthen the awareness that you’re not alone; those you love are here to help and support you.

The first two weeks of October will be a bit more challenging, placing us in situations where we need to speak our truth and avoid abandoning ourselves for the sake of others. More than ever, relationships will be a balancing act at this time; many of us will be challenged to stay strong and assertive during conflicts, but without letting difficulties dim our faith in love or shut our hearts down.


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