Astro Alert: Full Moon In Pisces

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 20 2021

A powerful Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th creates the perfect context to let go of what no longer serves us. Expect to clear your emotional cache at this time, possibly through tears or healing heart-to-hearts; the feelings that we’ve been holding in during the last moon cycle are now coming to the surface to be processed and released.

With powerful Pluto in the mix, this Full Moon brings a transformative kind of energy, supporting deep healing and surrender to what has passed, but also possible turning points or moments of fulfillment in the areas of spirituality, compassion, art, dreams, or creativity. Stay mindful of the messages that the Universe has for you right now, especially through dreams, insights, or synchronicities. 

Full Moon In Pisces: September 20

Pisces Full Moons are moments of deep feeling and deep healing that support us to embrace what makes us human and to create space for the emotional echoes of what we’ve experienced in the previous six months.

They’re also moments when our efforts to know ourselves better, to heal our wounds, and to move forward on our spiritual path can reach a moment of fulfillment. What messages does your soul have for you today? How can you quiet your mind and make space for your inner truth to emerge?

Pisces is the sign of unconditional love, but also the sign of self-sabotage and addiction. When we lack love and understanding, when our emotional needs aren’t met (often as an echo of negative experiences in childhood), we tend to hang on to anything that might distract us from the pain: food, alcohol, shopping, mindless scrolling, or even procrastination.

With the Moon in flowing aspect with transformative Pluto, this moment creates the right cosmic circumstances to look at our wounds, to face the shadows and the setbacks within, while an exact Mercury – Jupiter trine helps us take steps toward healing, finding alternative ways to soothe and to nurture ourselves.    

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, marking the end of a cycle, while Full Moons are moments of fulfillment and release. This makes September 20 a powerful time to allow and release emotions, whether it’s through crying, meditation, journaling, or ritual.

The support of friends or community can work wonders right now. Reading helpful info or hearing the right words at the right time can be healing, while nighttime dreams can send important messages and help us alchemize past emotional experiences.

While the Pisces Moon makes us sensitive, teary, or extra intuitive, the Virgo Sun reminds us to keep our feet on the ground and to focus on what we can see, touch, and understand. Grounding techniques and spending time in nature can help us feel more anchored at this time, while an emphasis on putting our lives in order and taking care of the details can help us feel more at ease.

We’re called to find a balance between the material and the spiritual sides of life, bringing more structure into our schedule if we tend to be too unfocused… and finding more time to feel, allow, and connect if we’re too caught up in daily worries.

Since Virgo and Pisces are united by the themes of service and sacrifice, many of us could reflect on how we’ve been helping others and manifesting compassion in the past months. As with every other Full Moon, it’s all a balancing act: we’re supported to open up and to give more if we’ve been too self-preoccupied, but to set boundaries and to differentiate ourselves from others if we’ve been caught in patterns of people-pleasing or codependency.

Those of us with strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces energy will feel the effects of this Full Moon the most, but all of us are supported to open up to our intuition, to allow our feelings to flow, to release habits that no longer serve us, and to find a sense of compassion and cosmic connection, especially in the area ruled by Pisces in the natal chart. 


Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What internal experiences – emotions, thoughts – need my attention and compassion right now?
  • In what life area can I benefit from more gentleness, acceptance, and faith?
  • How are my spirit guides and angels trying to communicate with me?


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