Astro Alert: New Moon In Aries Incoming

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 28 2022

April opens up with a powerful New Moon in Aries, a highly charged moment that supports new initiatives. We’re receiving a boost of energy for self-expression and self-confidence: on the 1st of April, it’s time to get in touch with our instincts and to set intentions with the courage that we can create the life we desire.

The New Moon brings strength, but it can also trigger wounds linked to our identity and our voice: the Sun and the Moon’s conjunction with wounded healer Chiron asks us to find the healing potential in any challenge that might arise. The focus is on speaking our truth and believing in our right to assert ourselves.

New Moon in Aries:
April 1

New Moon In April 2022


The first New Moon of the new astrological year brings a fresh wave of enthusiasm: if we’ve been starting to wake up from our winter hibernation on the Spring Equinox, the Aries New Moon helps us pick up the pace and start moving forward with our goals. This is the season of action, motion, and courage, a time that supports us to release the fear of judgment and seek inner validation instead, allowing spontaneity to move us in new directions. On the 1st, we can experience a new beginning in any life area that ignites our passion and requires us to show up in an authentic way. 

The cardinal signs will feel this powerful wave of energy the most: for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, the New Moon brings a wake-up call to step outside the comfort zone and to cultivate courage and confidence, but all of us can benefit from an extra dose of enthusiasm in the life area ruled by Aries in the birth chart. During the New Moon, we can set intentions for the following month and even for the new astrological year that opened up at the Spring Equinox; in the next days, as moonlight grows stronger, we can start taking action. 

Aries is all about following our instincts and connecting to the side of us that hasn’t been tamed by education and social convention. How does your inner rebel or pioneer support you to express yourself and to follow your impulses at this time? It could be dancing, asking someone out, launching a new project, or simply choosing to go out for a run instead of slipping back into your comfort zone. The New Moon’s conjunction with brainy Mercury supports new ideas and bright insights, fueling us with the energy to launch a new plan or to speak up where we’d usually stay silent.

The other cosmic player that influences the New Moon is Chiron, the asteroid that symbolizes our wounds and our healing gifts. Since 2019, Chiron in Aries has been supporting us to process trauma linked to our individuality and confidence: the type of wounds we’ve developed if we haven’t been allowed to express ourselves in an authentic way during childhood. If, at some point, the adults around us implied that there’s something wrong with us for behaving in a certain way – perhaps being loud, spontaneous, demanding, or expressing anger –, we might have internalized this message and learned to censor ourselves. The New Moon’s conjunction with Chiron can bring up this past conditioning, but it can also support us to find the hidden gifts of spontaneity, courage, and leadership that it carries. 

A strong focus on insight and healing makes this Moon a great time to work with a guide or to nurture our inner healer. For example, a part of your New Moon intention could be to attract the right circumstances (people, information, groups) that support your healing. Don’t shy away from uncomfortable emotions at this time: in order to soothe a wound, we need to acknowledge it first. The process could also be linked to the mother (Moon) or the father (Sun) archetypes, supporting us to reconcile our inner masculine and feminine.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself on this New Moon:

  • What have I learned about spontaneity and courage in my childhood and how are those patterns preventing me from being fully myself?
  • What activities make me feel joyful and alive and how can I incorporate them into my daily life?
  • What new projects am I excited about in 2022?


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