7 Benefits Of Wearing Healing Bracelets

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 28 2020

Every day is a struggle. Between all the tasks, family, friends, significant others, and appointments – it’s very hard to take the time to take good care of yourself – right? Well, gorgeous, it shouldn’t be, and it doesn’t have to be! You are important, and creating your own damn magic means taking good care of yourself first before you can take good care of others.

However, just like others need help, so do you need help from time to time to take better care of yourself. For us, crystal healing, candle magic, and discovering the different ways to work with various tools Mother Nature provides has been a major turning point in our lives, especially in the self-care department.

And if you are anything like us, you can’t wait to get home to your tools and do a good cleansing and recharging session – especially after one of those days where everything just goes wrong. However, keeping your cool, and working on yourself doesn’t have to be reserved for only when you get home to your crystal buddies and tools. In fact, you can take your healing magic to a whole new level by simply starting to wear healing bracelets.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Healing Bracelets?

Deciding to wear a healing bracelet can be one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself because it’s hard to be constantly mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and vibes in a world in which everyone is trying to get your attention. But, when you team up with a healing bracelet, healing, manifesting and mindfulness are much easier to achieve because you can more easily heighten your energy and direct it towards a specific goal. Here are a few more benefits and reasons to pick up a healing bracelet:

Improving your overall mood

Have you had any of those days, where everything seems to go just right for you, the whole day? Like, you got out of bed, and you just knew it’s going to be a good day – and it was? Well, when you team up with healing bracelets, be ready for a lot of those days to come.

You won’t be sure what exactly changed, but once you start working properly with your healing bracelet, something within you will shift, which will improve your overall mood. The healing bracelets' primary purpose is one of healing all the aspects of yourself, and as a result, your overall mood will become better. You’ll notice that it’s going to get a lot harder to be brought down.

Getting the support that you need to move forward

A healing bracelet's purpose is to help you heal, grow and move forward in life. However, you have to remember that putting on a healing bracelet doesn’t mean that the bracelet is going to do all the work for you. You are the key! You have to want to become a better you, for yourself and to also be willing to put in the effort into moving forward.

A healing bracelet is a sort of like your support system – it will smooth things over, and make it easier for you to make the transitions, to focus and dissolve all the vibes and blocks that are keeping you from moving forward. Think of it as a two-man team – in order for your healing bracelet to work, you have to work as well. One without the other won’t do, and yet when you team up, moving forward will become a much easier task, and taking the first step will launch you into your magical journey with your healing bracelet.

Heightening your vibes

Wearing healing bracelets can help you to raise the frequency of your overall vibrations because each healing bracelet radiates with high-frequency vibes. Each healing bracelet has been created with the purpose to help you radiate with high, light, positive frequencies, and to do so, they stimulate different aspects of yourself. Besides simply stimulating different aspects of yourself to heighten your vibes they also dissolve blockages that cause your vibes to drop, as well as warding off other negative vibes that might be lurking around. By taking good care of your healing tools, cleansing them regularly, using them in rituals and charging them, you will ensure that the energy of your bracelet and your energy will always radiate with high-frequency vibes. You are a team – remember?

If you are purchasing healing bracelets from My Little Magic Shop, we have taken things one step further when it comes to heightening the vibes of our crystal healing jewelry. The founder of our shop – Shereen Campbell personally packs all of your tools, and she is a Master Reiki Healer that charges each tool that you purchase with Reiki Healing Energy, for free! It’s just the way we vibe!

Achieving Personal & Spiritual Growth

We all struggle with a negative-self talk each day. We know you do it, because well, we also did it - a lot before we started working on our magic, and on some days a thought or two still slips up here and there. Whether you are judging yourself, undermining your achievements or underestimating your worth, they might just seem like thoughts, but in reality, thoughts create emotions, emotions create vibes and actions soon follow equally low as the vibes you are emitting.

Being a healthier, better self means that even though you have your quirks and flaws, you will accept them, and never put yourself down because of them. It means you will bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit, and from that balance, bigger, even more, beautiful parts of you will grow. And it all sounds amazing on paper, however, the journey to change is hard, and sometimes, it’s very ugly.

You need all the strength you can muster, to go against everything you evert thought and did in your life that has brought you misfortune and misery. That’s why healing bracelets are such an important part of your crystal healing journey. They are there to help you not to succumb to your old way of life, and to help you overcome more easily the bumps on the road towards a better you. A magical you!

Banishing Negative Vibes

Sometimes, low vibes simply seem to find you wherever you go. Whether it’s of your own making, spending too much time with toxic people in your life or simply your vibes were low, to begin with, and you only attract more of them – low vibes do have a tendency to bug us, sometimes even on our best days. By heightening your vibes, healing bracelets leave little space for low vibes to stick to you.

However, if you feel like you need the extra protection, there are special crystal healing bracelets that act as a shield when it comes to low-frequency vibes, and they also remove and dissolve any low-frequency vibes that you might be emitting. In a way, there is a healing bracelet for every specific purpose, even for banishing negative vibes from your life forever!

Letting Go Of Patterns That Hold You Back

As we grow up, often we form harmful patterns unconsciously that affect us negatively. Sometimes, it might even be trauma or sadness that you might have experienced while growing up that hasn’t healed yet, and without healing, there is no growth or progress.

This is why working on breaking out of those negative patterns and healing your spirit is important to grow and become a better version of yourself. It’s important to put in the work to create your own damn magic! And the best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. Healing bracelets have been used for centuries to heal, protect, cleanse and release negative vibes.

Balancing your chakras

To restore your balance, it’s important to be more mindful of the energy that flows through your chakras. Whenever something is lacking from your life, whenever you feel like your energy is completely out of whack, there is a good chance that the flow of energy through your body might be disturbed.

When your energy centers – the chakras, don’t receive enough energy, or they receive more than enough, you will start to notice that some parts of your life are completely getting out of hand, while others won’t even budge. That is why it’s important to work on restoring the energy flow through each chakra. Wearing a crystal healing bracelet can be used in rituals, to restore balance to your chakras, and it should also be worn to help you keep your chakras balanced every day.

Tune in to our blog to learn more about healing bracelets benefits & check out our crystal jewelry shop to check out and buy awesome healing bracelets!



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