Word Of The Week – Intention Setting

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 29 2020

Although January is coming to an end, we all know the unwritten rule – anytime a New Year Comes, a new January, we set intentions for achieving our goals for the year. Achieving any goal is hard because it requires change. You can’t stay the way you are, because the way you are has created this current reality that is making you unhappy.

To create a better you, a better reality, a better, fulfilling life for yourself, you have to change. And change is hard, especially on a personal level. It’s hard to change things when you have spent your entire life functioning in the same old patterns and mindsets. That’s where intention setting comes in play – it’s not enough to simply think about “oh yeah, I have to work on that this year” to create an intention that will give you direction in life. You have to do it right!

Wait, what are intentions?

Okay, the first thing that you have to understand is that intentions are not goals. Think of it this way, everything you see around you was once just one thought, one idea into someone’s mind. Their strong desire of an individual to create their idea into the world formed an intention that set them on the path towards achieving their goal – turning an idea into a reality. So in a way, intentions are the seeds for achieving a goal.

They are somewhat driven from the heart, they are the emotions you invoke, and the mindsets you adapt, to align yourself in a way to become a better version of yourself, to become the person that you always wanted to become – the person that achieves their goals. They are the healthy, new seeds that you plant so that you can create your own damn magic. We have set our intentions right, and we have watched our magic becoming a reality before our eyes. In fact, My Little Magic Shop was once just a thought in our founder’s mind, which turned into an intention, which set her on the path to creating this magical company.

How to set your intentions?

It’s hard to make to set your heart onto intention setting right away. And the hardest part is to set the right intentions, in the right way at first – especially if you are skeptical about whether it will work or not. That means that for an intention to work, first, you need to have strong faith in your ability to create your own damn magic and strong faith that intention setting is going to work. You should also try and boost your intention setting process through a ritual, or by trying to enhance the power of your intentions. Here are a few tips on how to do so:

Set Intentions On A New Moon – the moon cycles are a powerful tool for enhancing your intentions, and each cycle of the moon is great for one thing or another. The New Moon specifically is the time for marking a new beginning, thus making it the perfect time for setting your intentions.

Cleanse – setting your intentions has to be on a clean slate. Pesky low vibes and negative thoughts don’t have a place when you are setting intentions. Try to cleanse yourself physically and energetically with a bit of Sage, Palo Santo or even some crystals such as Selenite, Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz.

Write Down Your Intentions – don’t let your intentions be just thoughts. Write them down on a piece of paper and place them somewhere you will see them every day. You can even use these intentions and place them on your vision board.

Use Crystals – crystal healing can help you take things to the next level when it comes to intention setting. Pair up with a crystal for manifestation and increasing energy such as Clear Quartz to enhance and boost your intentions.

Burn A Candle – candles are in fact one of the best tools that you can use when you are doing intention setting rituals. You can simply hold your candle and focus on your intentions, then light it and say a little prayer to the Universe to help you achieve your goals. Or you can also do the full deal – carve your candle, dress it with essential oils and light it every day until it burns down to enhance your intentions.

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