5 Best Brene Brown Books

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 11 2020

Hello everyone!

Are you ready to dive deep into another reading adventure? This week we are sharing with you our favorite books written by Brene Brown. She’s one of our favorite authors that inspired us to create our own damn magic – and her books helped us to re-evaluate ourselves, our truth, and accept ourselves more easily.

You see, in this crazy modern world that we live in, it’s very easy to never find yourself, or to find endless distractions and run away from yourself. These patterns usually lead us to be unsatisfied in life – even when we have everything we need to be happy.

That is when we need to take a break and see what’s going on with ourselves and explore. The fact is that in our society a lot of things are misunderstood – shame, vulnerability, honesty, owning up our mistakes – these are all perceived as a weakness when in reality if processed and understood properly, they can be out the greatest source of force. In all of her books, Brene Brown discusses these issues, shining some much-needed light on subjects we simply don’t talk about, but we should.

These books have been a blessing because they helped a lot in our self-actualization, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend picking them up! 

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brené Brown

In Braving the Wilderness, Brown is carefully discussing how there comes a time when we all get lost in this crazy modern world. The times have changed, and they change faster than ever. The pressure of keeping up, with the world and your ideas of perfectionism and becoming the ideal person, sadly many get lost on the way. It seems like you are never pleased with who you are, and your main destination is becoming the ideal person.

But, life isn't about becoming someone who you are proud of according to Brown. The goal is to accept yourself and be proud of who you already are. Because when you accept yourself, you completely shift your perspective. You become kinder and more compassionate to others because you no longer see them as work in progress.

You see them as a whole, as fellow souls on a journey through the wilderness. And only by accepting yourself, you can start the magical process of stopping the race to change yourself and starting to be who you are.

Stop walking through the world looking for confirmation that you don’t belong. You will always find it because you’ve made that your mission. Stop scouring people’s faces for evidence that you’re not enough. You will always find it because you’ve made that your goal. True belonging and self-worth are not goods; we don’t negotiate their value with the world. The truth about who we are lives in our hearts. Our call to courage is to protect our wild heart against constant evaluation, especially our own. No one belongs here more than you.

Brené Brown, Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

Every day, from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to bed, we are faced with thousands of apparent display of perfection that dig deep inside of us – the perfect relationship, the perfect skin, body, selfie, score – you name it, there is a perfect something that you saw and it’s eating away at your self-worth.

We praise perfectionism and throw shades at failure when in reality perfectionism is just a made-up concept that nobody can reach no matter how much we try.

In a way, perfectionism is the disease of the modern era that nobody registers as a disease. Brown opens up our eyes on these issues in this amazing book and really shines some light on the issues we face.

Perfectionism is a self-destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.

Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown

Have you ever felt vulnerable, and you considered those moments as your biggest weakness?

We bet you did! We all struggle with understanding ourselves and our vulnerabilities, because they are emotional usually in nature, and society throws a really big shade on them. That’s why a lot of us try to hide them, however, that’s completely the opposite way that you should be dealing with them.

We often try to avoid dealing with our issues, we avoid communicating, and we try to shut down anything that makes us vulnerable. And when we do that, we damage ourselves and we also shut down our potential for happiness too.

Understanding that being vulnerable is okay, is a powerful source of strength and Brene Brown explains it so well, and helps you to understand yourself a lot more in this amazing book. Definitely pick it up!

Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.

Brené Brown, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Behind every negative emotion we experience, there is a reason. Often we react without really considering, hey why am I feeling this? Instead we either shove emotions down or spill them out without really processing them.

Often people think that if you focus too much on your emotions, and if you question yourself regularly you are just overthinking it or that you are simply showing vulnerability.

And this is just one big misconception in our society, because our true strength lies in facing ourselves, and being brave enough to confront our deepest triggers and fears.

Brene Brown is an amazing writer that discusses these subjects so honestly and with so much wisdom, that she simply changes the readers life forever.

I want to be in the arena. I want to be brave with my life. And when we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked. We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time. Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.

Brené Brown, Rising Strong: How the Ability to Reset Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

I Thought It Was Just Me: Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame

Shame plays a big part in our lives – much bigger than we think.

The thing about our society is that with its high standards of perfectionism, and showcasing unrealistic standards for living life is constantly teaching and reinforcing the rejection of ourselves.

It’s a silent process, that drives us to unhappiness and disappointment in ourselves.

In this amazing book Brown explores how shame is devastating us, and how especially women are being affected by this emotion. It’s really an amazing read!

Definitely check it out!

Laughter is the evidence that the chokehold of shame has been loosened. Knowing laughter is the moment we feel proof that our shame has been transformed. Like empathy, it strips shame to the bone, robs it of its power and forces it from the closet.

Brené Brown, I Thought It Was Just Me: Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame

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