3 Ways to Open Your Heart Chakra

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on November 27 2016

3 Ways to Open Your Heart!

1. Let Your Emotions Flow!

Practice allowing your emotions (yes, all of them) run their course. Don't block the feeling or emotion. When we block emotions, this is exactly how we block the fourth chakra. We must allow ourselves to go through the emotions of feeling so those feelings (and their nasty negative thoughts) don't stick to us.

2. Be vulnerable.

So you've got your feelings flowing, but its all alone. You know what helps to create intimacy? Vulnerability. Allow yourself to share your fears, insecurities, perceived flaws with someone you trust and care for. We are betting 99% of the time, that person will feel closer to you, and you will feel closer to them. Compassion is actually a natural reaction we have to others when they display vulnerability. If you receive anything less than compassion after an act of vulnerability, don't despair! That person might just not be good in the moment, give them a bit of space as you might have triggered a block for them. When they are ready, you might actually help them open their hearts a bit more.

3. Sit in love.

This is a great meditation to try when you are in meditation mode. Sit in a quiet and relaxing place. Visualize a time when you felt truly loved and adored. It could be a birthday, an unexpected surprise, anything that brings you back to that emotion. Try to bring that feeling back into your body and hold it there. Allow it to concentrate in your chest. Then when you feel good and loved, allow it to flow out of your heart into the world.

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