It's Feed Your Soul Friday!

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on November 25 2016

Today's spotlight is for one of magical Founders, Natalie Villanueva!

Keeping it curious is her mantra, she's a go getter who will stop at nothing to make her dreams a reality.

Check out Be the Master of Your Destiny featuring the magical, Natalie Villanueva here!

OMG, TGIF!  We've made it through the week!  In honor of Friday celebrations, let's take some time out to talk about feeding your soul.  Finding the time, space and energy to nurture yourself is of paramount importance.  Finding new ways to do this is sometimes tough though.  But, guess what?  My Little Magic Shop has got you on this Friday and every Friday here and out.  Feed Your Soul Friday is dedicated to sharing ways others feed their souls so you can try it out.  Love this?  Let us know in our Feeding Your Soul, Igniting Your Magic private group!



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