Introduction of the Chakras

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 04 2017

You have probably heard a lot of people talking about chakras and you probably think that most of it is just some Zen mumbo jumbo that is just a trend now. But the thing is the term chakra has been around for a long time and it actually makes a lot of sense once you give it a chance. So here we are, giving you a chance to learn and understand a little about chakras.


So, what is a Chakra?

The word itself comes from Buddhist religion and when translated it means a “wheel”. You might think that this is silly but a chakra represents an energy within the body of an individual, so what better way to describe it than as a wheel?

Anyway, when you heard about chakra you probably heard the word in the plural. You heard right, chakras are energy centers in the body and they are located from your head, down to your spine in a straight line. Now that you think about it, it doesn’t sound silly at all since, in reality, we know that all of the nerves in the body are connected with the spine which then connects to our brain.

But the thing is, this term and study have been here for centuries so how the heck did those people from way back make these assumptions and connections? Either way, since they are energy centers and energy flows through them one of the worst things that can happen is the closing or blocking of a chakra.

Imagine a bathtub drain. If you allow too much hair to get through to the bathtub drain eventually it will be clogged and no water can pass. Eventually, mold will develop and nasty bacteria will make their colonies there. The same is the chakra center. Once one center is clogged energy can’t pass through it which can cause emotional and physical problems.

What Types Of Chakras Are There?

As we mentioned before there is more than one chakra in the body. To be more exact there are 7 chakras aligned along our spines. They are separated into two groups and one chakra that aligns them:

1. Chakras of Matter

First Chakra: The Muladhara
Second Chakra: The Svadhisthana
Third Chakra: The Manipura

2. Fourth Chakra: The Anahata (aligning chakra)

3. Chakras of Spirit

Fifth Chakra: The Vishuddha
Sixth Chakra: The Ajna
Seventh Chakra: The Sahasrara


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