One Candle CAN Change Your Life. Here's How.

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on December 01 2017

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One Candle CAN Change Your Life. Here's How.

Over the last 13 years, candles have played a huge role in aiding me to manifest major changes in my life. I have used them to bring love, healing, cleansing and blessings. I’ve bought ritual kits, had custom candles made and now create my own. I even find myself using candle magic for intentions large and small; new jobs, business goals, boys, positivity, even for just a little inner peace. It seems candles have just resonated with me and kept finding their way back into my life. What’s more, I recently found out my grandmother was incredibly fond of candle magic. She passed away when I was only 6, much before I tried candles for the first time (outside of birthday cakes), but I like to think she is in the afterlife guiding me into through this very ancient practice.

Before I knew of my grandmom’s extracurricular magical experiences, when folks would ask me why I used candles. I would always tell them that it wasn’t so much the candle itself that I loved, it was more about the entire ritual. I use the word ritual to signify the process I have created for myself before I light a candle. It involves cleansing (of myself and the candle), writing my intentions, visualizing my intentions, tapping into the feeling I want to have when my intention manifests and focusing on gratitude. Nothing too spooky about that right? Either way, it is the ritual I love when doing candle magic. It is one of the few times I am able to push all of the troubles of the world to the background and completely immerse myself in a moment of reflection and intention setting. I am able to explicitly consider what I want to bring into my life, in as much detail as I can muster, and push that energy out into the universe. I believe that in itself is what creates the magic. The candle is a great physical representation of this manifestation process occurring. Light from the candle is intended to chase away darkness and lead one to treasures that they could not access before. I like to think of this physically and metaphorically. We use candles to bring light to a room and in candle magic, we use candles to bring light to an intention we are working to manifest.

Being one of the simplest of magical arts, candle magic doesn’t require too much other than a candle, an intention and a lighter. We can see throughout history that candles have been used for many religious, spiritual and ancient rituals. The exact origin of candles is not really known although there has been evidence in Egypt concerning the use of beeswax candles around 3000 BCE. At the time, tapers candles made of fibrous materials were also in use. Candlelight was used by ancient people for lighting and they believed that if they stare into a flame for a long period of time, they could see gods and spirits. The early Egyptians used lamps or preferably candles in a magic ritual of obtaining answers for dreams. One would go into a dark cave facing south, and sit down as they stared into a flame until they saw a god. They would then fall asleep with the hope that the god would appear to them again and offer answers to their questions. Pagans, in the past used candles and lamps to perform religious functions. By the fourth century, many churches were using candles for religious purposes and since the twelfth century, candles have been placed in church altars. The Catholic church uses consecrated candles in blessing rituals, to exorcise demons and believe that the light absolves sins. That is why, even in the modern Catholic Churches, candles are always lit in the church and at the altars. In the church, it is believed that once you make a wish and light a candle, your wishes will eventually come true.
So that you know all about candle magic, we thought it the perfect time to give you five ways you can bring a little light and candle magic to your everyday life.
 Without further ado, here are my top five ways to use candle magic in everyday life:

 1. Fight the Funk Morning Rituals
I’ve leaned on this candle spell when I felt myself slipping into a funk. Normally by day two I’m back to normal.

Requires: 1 small white candle, pencil & Post-It
Directions: On the first day, wake up a 10 minutes earlier than your normal time. Begin with a short visualization exercise where you imagine your day going extremely well. You see yourself moving throughout the day without any insecurity, fear or anxiety. Imagine yourself feeling happy and grateful for another day. Write down 3 affirmations that are indicative of how magical your day will go. Recite these affirmations aloud and light your candle. Say them two more times. Feel free to put your candle out with a snuffer once you have expressed gratitude. Place your post it somewhere you can easily see throughout the week. Put your candle up somewhere safe, so that you are able to get to it the next morning. Repeat the visualization exercise, reciting of the affirmations on your post it and lighting your candle every morning for a week (or however long you need to) as soon as you wake up. Don’t forget to put your candle out with a snuffer or your fingers after you’ve expressed gratitude for the day. And whatever you do, don’t blow it out; the lore is that you will blow away your intentions away.

2.   Sweet Dreams Bedtime Ritual
This is helpful for when you are having trouble going to bed.

Requires: 1 small purple candle, notepad and pencil (bonus: an amethyst crystal could bring a little extra boost)
Directions: After a shower and right before bed do a quick meditation exercise to calm your nerves. Take 5 big breaths in and 5 big breaths out. Allow the extra air to calm you. Once you feel all good and relaxed, light your candle. Now, while your candle is burning, spend a few moments asking for insight into how you can build stronger trust in the universe. Ask for the answers to these issues to come during a peaceful, happy sleep. Close with gratitude for the answers to help you let go of your anxiety. Using a snuffer, put your candle out and get some rest. When you wake up in the morning, record any dreams you have. Repeat this nightly ritual until you feel your trust in the universe returning and your anxiety gone.

3.   New Moon Magic
One my most favorite candle rituals, a New Moon Ritual, can be performed right after every new moonto set intentions dependent on the house the current new moon is in..

Requires: 1 small White Candle, notepad and pencil
Directions: This one is pretty simple. Do a quick meditation focusing on the feelings you want to pull to yourself when you manifest this New Moon intention you are thinking of. It’s great to find out beforehand what house the New Moon is in your chart so that you can focus on that house. Write down one wish you want to manifest during this New Moon. Light your candle, while reciting this wish aloud, as an affirmation. Express your gratitude. I recommend letting this candle burn down on its own, as you will not be repeating this one, so you do not need to snuff it out. All that’s left for you to do is expect that you desire will manifest.

4.   Monday Intentions
This is a great ritual to use to kick off your work week. It helps to focus on what you want to accomplish in the upcoming week.

Requires: 1 small White Candle, notepad and pencil
Directions: On Monday, do a short meditation focusing on the last time you felt really productive. Try to invoke the feeling of accomplishment and excitement about being on track to whatever long term goals you have laid out for yourself. Once you are summoned this feeling, write down a list of the things that are of most importance for you this upcoming week. They can be mundane to personal to work or love, whatever is on your mind. Once you are finished, light your candle. Tell it that you are committed to completing these tasks and would love the aid of the universe to guide you through doing so as long as it is in the interest and well-being of your higher self and those it may affect. Express your gratitude. You can let this candle also burn down as you will not be repeating this exact intention again. Even if you do it every Monday forever, the weekly intention might change, so I recommend getting a different candle per ritual.

5. Friday Self Loving
Before you can fill the cups of others you must fill your own cup. This ritual is invoke more self-love in your life and to remind you of treating yourself with care.

Requires: 1 small Pink Candle, notepad and pencil
Directions: Since Venus rules Friday, this is a great day to an increase my self-love spell. Start by writing down 5 things you absolutely adore about yourself. They can be the silliest or most serious things you’ve ever written. The point is to remind yourself how awesome you are. Once you are feeling all warm from your awesomeness, then go ahead and light your candle. Ask the candle to show you more ways that you can be loving and kind to yourself, to remind you of the times when it’s time to be gentle and to help you love your shadows. You can do so aloud or in your mind. As usual, express your gratitude for the reminders you will see every day and for the strength to be kind to yourself. Let the candle burn down or repeat the ritual again the following Friday. If you repeat, just keep adding to your list.
Have fun making your own damn magic!

Shereen Campbell is an astrologer, ecommerce manager, and the founder of My Little Magic Shop. She loves sailing, southern Italian food, and all things magical.

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