Double Row Chakras Dreamcatcher

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About the Double Row Chakras Dreamcatcher

The Double Row Chakras Dreamcatcher is a unique piece of wall art that combines spiritual elements and natural beauty. This dream catcher features two rows of chakras, with each row expressing the seven major energy centers. The sun-shaped web in the center brings positive energy into your home while the feathers bring protection and healing. Hang this close by to filter all your bad dreams away.

More About Dreamcatchers

Dream catchers are an ancient spiritual tool used to protect you from crappy dreams.  The web catches the bad dream and heavy energy while the feathers represent your dreams and wishes and gently allows the uplifting dreams through. Also, Dreamcatchers make a wonderful addition to any room, bringing peace and calmness. Hang one close by to be reminded of protection, love, and strength.

This is why the Double Row Chakras Dreamcatcher is a perfect addition to any home in need of positive energy.

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Length in Inches: 28

Diameter in Inches: 10.5

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