How to use a Dreamcatcher?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 28 2019

Dreamcatchers are one of the most widely spread symbols these days. You can just about see a dreamcatcher on anything – from your cup, to your smartphone case, and to actual dreamcatchers. And it’s no wonder because the mesmerizing braiding patterns catch the eyes on everyone that sets eyes on them.

Besides that, dreamcatchers are also considered a symbol of positive energy because we all know that their purpose is to ward off bad dreams. However, a dreamcatcher can actually ward off any bad vibes if you just know how to use it properly.

What is a Dreamcatcher?

Dreamcatchers are a tradition that sets roots in Native American history. It all started off with one tribe, and then through marriage between tribes, the tradition spread to all of the tribes. In their tradition, the spider is considered a symbol of energy, wisdom, and learning which is why the braiding of the dreamcatcher is very similar to a spiders web.

Original dreamcatchers have eight points, representing the eight spider legs. While the most common belief for dreamcatchers among Native Americans (and everyone else) is that dreamcatchers can ward off bad dreams, many Native Americans consider dreamcatchers totems of good energy. That is why they protect your home – because dreamcatchers don’t let bad vibes pass.

Do dreamcatchers work?

The short answer is they work when you believe they do! While everybody has their own beliefs and opinions, dreamcatchers are still a great way to bring positive energy into your home. Whether it is from the intention behind making one or just from its presence in your room, having a dreamcatcher near you can help make sure that only good vibes enter the space. With its intricate weaving of spider webs, dreamcatchers represent the power of protection and can be used as a reminder to stay positive and stay focused on your dreams. So go ahead and give it a try – hang up a dreamcatcher or two and see how it makes you feel! Not only will they help ward off bad dreams, but surrounding yourself with this powerful symbol.

How to use your Dream Catcher?

To make your dreamcatcher ward off bad vibes or bad dreams, it isn’t enough to simply buy it and hang it above your bed. On the contrary, dreamcatchers need to be cleansed, energized and re-fortified with the power of Nature.

Here is how to use your dreamcatcher:

1. Cleanse your dreamcatcher with sage

2. Enhance its powers with crystals – You can choose your favorite ones, but we like to use Clear Quartz, Selenite and Milky Quartz

3. The next step is to hang your dreamcatcher in your backyard, or in the park for a few hours to let it soak up nature energy and life force.

4. Then all you need to do is refortify its power by personalizing your dreamcatcher by adding a few feathers to it.

5. Your dreamcatcher is ready to be hung up above your bed now!


Can You Make Your Own Dreamcatcher?

Of course you can make your own dreamcatcher! Here are some 5 steps to creating the perfect diy dreamcatcher!

1. Choose the right materials – use a hoop of any size you like, some thread that is strong and durable and decorations like feathers, beads or shells.

2. Start weaving in your design – choose something meaningful to you, like a sun or a moon shape.

3. Attach the feathers and other decorations to enhance the look.

4. Hang the dreamcatcher above your bed or in another place you find inspiring, like near a window or by a door.

5. Enjoy your unique piece of dreamy art!

It's important to remember that when making a dreamcatcher, it's not just about decor – its power comes from the intention you put into it. So, take your time and enjoy the creative process as much as possible. Good luck with making your own dreamcatcher! :)

If you need any more guidance or tips on how to make a beautiful dreamcatcher for yourself, please feel free to ask us – we'd love to help!

Other Common Questions about Dreamcatchers

What is a navajo dream catcher?

A Navajo dream catcher is a form of traditional artwork with spiritual symbolism and significance. This type of dreamcatcher usually consists of a circular frame made from tree branches or twigs, decorated with feathers and other items such as beads and yarn. The purpose of the dreamcatcher is to act as a filter for bad dreams or negative energies, so that only good dreams and positive energies can pass through. Navajo dreamcatchers are often hung in bedrooms to ward off evil spirits. 

What is the meaning of a dream catcher?

The traditional meaning of a dream catcher is related to its function as a filter for bad dreams or negative energies. It is believed that the center hole of the dream catcher captures the bad dreams and prevents them from entering a person’s mind. The good dreams, on the other hand, pass through the hole and down the feathers to gently brush against the sleeping person's forehead and bring him or her sweet and positive thoughts! Dreamcatchers are also believed to bring protection to people as they sleep. They are often hung in places of spiritual significance such as a bedroom, living room, or even around campfires. Additionally, they are believed to help promote harmony and balance within an environment. 

In the traditional Native American culture, dreamcatchers were also viewed as gifts from the Creator to be cherished and respected. It is said that when someone looks upon a dreamcatcher, they are reminded of the sacredness of life and how important it is to remain present and connected to their true selves. 

Dreamcatchers from My Little Magic Shop come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you’re searching for something special to hang in your bedroom or looking for a unique gift for someone special, our dreamcatchers are sure to bring peace and tranquility wherever they appear. Shop now to find the perfect dreamcatcher for you! 

What the difference between a metal or wooden hoop in a dream catcher?

Metal hoops are often preferred due to their durability and resilience. Wooden hoops, however, can offer a more rustic and natural look. With either option, you can guarantee that your dreamcatcher will last for many years to come! 


What's the embroidery hoop part of the dreamcatcher?

The embroidery hoop is the part of the dreamcatcher that holds the webbing together. It's also used to attach decorative elements, such as charms and beads, to make your dreamcatcher even more unique and beautiful. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available at My Little Magic Shop, you can find the perfect embroidery hoop for your dreamcatcher. 

What is the webbing of a dream catcher?

The webbing is one of the most important parts of a dream catcher. It's made of durable and flexible material, such as cotton or linen, and is used to create the main shape of the dream catcher. Different styles, patterns, and colors of webbing can be used to make the dream catcher look even more special and unique. My Little Magic Shop has a great selection of webbing for you to choose from! 

What else do I need to create my own dreamcatcher?

In addition to an embroidery hoop and webbing, you'll also need some string or twine, charms, feathers, or pom poms.

What are Pom Poms on dreamcatchers?

Pom Poms are a great way to add a bit of color and texture to your dreamcatcher. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can easily find the perfect pom pom for your project. Pom poms are usually hung from the bottom of the dream catcher, either on their own


Sweet dreams! Be sure to check out some of our favorite dreamcatchers below! Don't be surprised that a few of them are native american made.



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