Using Sound to Heal With Tiana Garoogian

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on February 16 2022



Welcome to another episode of the Magic Hour Podcast!

This week, our guest is sound healer, queer artist, and community organizer Tiana Garoogian. She discusses the magical healing that comes from sound and body movements and how you, too, can benefit from a Sound Bath.

Tiana, a member of the SWANA diaspora, focuses her work on a multisensory approach that explores consciousness, embodiment, and deep listening as keys to aligning to the sacred within. They focus on connecting threads between ancestral communion and queer futurity. Their creations dream in the space between remembering and imagining.

Tiana shares how growing up isolated in the mountains of California and coming from a family of magicians helped shape her journey into exploring and discovering the magic of sounds. She shares her personal struggle with trauma and PTSD in her early days and how sound has helped her heal. 

She also shares the benefits of sound baths: how you can prepare a sound bath, breathing techniques for when you are undergoing a sound bath, and lots of tips for first timers!

There’s so much to learn on this episode that you won’t want to miss!

Tune in to listen!


Things You’ll Learn: 

  • What is a Sound Bath?
  • The benefits of Sound Healing 
  • How vibration helps the body move through energies 
  • The difference between intellectual and emotive aspects of Sound Healing 
  • Can the heart chakra be healed through a Sound Bath? 

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