How Can Aquariums Effectively Boost Your Mental Health?

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on June 26 2017

To live life king-size, your mind and body both needs to be in sync.

Where most of the individuals have chosen yoga, weight-lifting, jogging to boost their physical health, many are still unaware of the necessity of maintaining a good mental health.


Although physical health issues like obesity, rapid weight loss, or skin problems are easily noticeable, mental diseases often remain undetected unless they reach the last stage and start to show symptoms. This is one of the most crucial reasons, for which you must start taking your mental health seriously.

DSM And Its Inadequacy:

Have you heard of DSM?


Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was first created and published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) on 1952. This is a guideline for healthcare professionals who are treating mental illness.

Although, till now, the DSM has gone through several refinements, it still does not include information on many undetected mental issues that bother human minds hence the treatments are unknown too. Clearly, DSM is inadequate to cure many mental illnesses.


Needless to say, this is the high time you must take necessary steps to improve your mental health before it goes out of your hand.


How Our Mental Health Is Getting Affected Each Day?


From sound pollution to an on-stage performance, we experience stress in every situation. While some stresses are necessary to succeed, some are severely harmful. And stress is something that we cannot avoid from experiencing in our day to day life.


Even your dream job has stressful deadlines. From performance expectations to other responsibilities, you will experience pressure to get through every step. Though some say, stress helps them to get things done, for many workplace stress is overwhelming.


For example, doctors are always in stress thinking about a particular surgery, meeting the expectations of the patient or in some cases, stress can be related to saving a patient’s life.


Also, those employees who feel unfairly treated by a co-worker or a supervisor or are the victims of office politics, hugely at risk of having a mental illness. Excessive workaholic nature or giving a continuous thought on job security are also some of the reasons to get your mental health affected.

How Our Mental Health Can Affect Our Physical Well-being?


When our mind experiences stress, our body treats it as a danger. It is the time when the Fight-or-Flight mode gets triggered. Hormones like adrenaline and cortisol start to secrete in an excessive number which increases the heartbeat, hikes up the blood pressure level, slows down digestion and changes other autonomic nervous functions.


The sole purpose of such changes is to provide our body with the extra boost of energy so that it can combat the situation well. Once,the situation is dealt with, the body will automatically calm down through the relaxation process.


Now you may ask, ‘How this can affect us?’


Well, when we feel eustress or acute stress like while in a roller-coaster ride, it does not affect us but chronic stress like a bad job, relationship or marriage can affect our mental peace drastically.


It is when, the body loses its ability to calm it with the relaxation process and we feel chronic depression, anxiety, insomnia and what not.  Here are some of the issues that you might face, if your mind is struggling with a chronic stress -


• Heart-related Problems.

• Digestive Issues.

• Mood Swings.

• Hair Loss.

• Change In Appearance.

• Relationship Troubles.

• Obsessive-Compulsive or Anxiety Disorder.

• Hyperthyroidism.

• Depression.

• Insomnia.

• Sexual Dysfunction, etc.


How To Keep Your Mind In Peace Naturally?


Soothing and healing your mind are the only ways to keep it calm and composed.


Although it is quite impossible to keep our mind in peace in this metallic world, where, our attention gets distracted easily with so many things, there is an effortless way to accomplish that.

An aquarium will solve all your issue and keep you happy and peaceful.

Have you ever imagined why you like to go to the beach and spend some quality time? It is the rolling sound of the waves on the shore that makes your mind so serene and calm. You love the pure oxygen and the cool breeze.


People who love to go fishing, are actually addicted to the natural and peaceful environment that surrounds the lake. Water-bodies have loads of positive energy that make us feel energized and accomplished, which is why we love to spend time near those places.


Having a colorful aquariumwill allow you to bring a small part of that deep blue ocean into your bedroom so that you can soothe your mind every day and heal it from all kind of stresses.


Why Is Aquarium Therapy So Effective?

Contemplating the beautiful underwater world and the vibrant fishes in the aquarium is known as the aquarium therapy. Spending even 5 minutes of your day in front of an aquarium can boost your mood.

The soothing, bubbling sound of the blue water, tranquil swimming nature of the colorful fishes and the underwater greenery will keep your mind at peace.  The best way to heal your mind is to use your aquarium as a night lamp.


In this way, the serenity of the aquarium and the positive energy of the blue water will fill the air of your room and you will get the habit of contemplating the beauty of the fish tank before sleeping. So all you will have is a stress-free sound sleep.


Other Benefits Of Having An aquarium:


Keeping an aquarium has many health benefits and it has been proven by numerous studies that aquarium therapy helps patients to heal their mental conditions. Here are some other benefits of the aquarium therapy. If you have budget you can for 55 gallon fish tank (Large Fish Tank) or small one. You must note that the effects remains the same for both.


Treating Alzheimer’s and Autism:


Patients with Alzheimer's and Autism often show aggressive behaviors. Letting them spend some time, in front of an aquarium, will calm them down and they will feel more relaxed and stress-free.

Controlling High Blood Pressure:


As aquariums have the power to calm your nerves and make you feel peaceful, people who are suffering from high blood pressure will get huge benefits from having an aquarium in their possession.


Combating ADHD:


Kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder behave restlessly and show a lack of appetite. While this disorder is becoming a huge concern for many parents, having an aquarium can almost solve the issue.

As the beauty of the aquarium and the tranquil swimming nature of the fishes will catch the attention of these kids, it will calm their nerves and make them feel more relaxed.


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