The power of the mind is not a joke

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on June 28 2017

"The power of the mind is not a joke" - Drake💭

Your body can be in prison. They can take away your freedom to move about your environment and to control your environment. But they can never chain or imprison your mind. Even though people and things plant seeds in our minds every day, the choice is always ours to choose if we want to make that seed grow or not. That is why the body can always be captured or controlled, but the mind can break free from any mental or physical constraints, all it has to do is think so. •Our experiences do not come from what we can do with our body. Our experiences, thoughts and beliefs are as real as we tell our mind they are 💖•If you ever feel stuck, wondering if there's more, know that there's always more. We are as much a victim or a free soul as we choose to believe we are, in our minds ✨•What kind of society would you like to live in and create ? All we have to do is choose. Then we work together to create it, just like we had to do when we first created the society that we all currently live in and are all responsible for keeping alive through our belief in how we think society and everything and one should think and behave as well as by the actions we make that sustain and reinforces society's ability to function and exist in its current state. •The state of the world we live in, is up to us. Each and everyone of us plays a role in sustaining the belief in the way we all choose to live and perceive what life means for all of us.•Society operates, the way it currently does through all of us collectively sharing the same beliefs about its limitations, freedoms and boundaries . •We make choices, act and build physical structures to match the belief structures - that is how a society is thought up, sketched up, built and sustained. It's the same way the new society in the future will be created Except, in the new society, no longer will anyone be a prisoner of their own thoughts and Society will be purposely and deliberately constructed of everything except EGO, money, hate and destruction !💖 🌎





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She didn't know why she was born seemingly so different than the rest, at first, but she what she did know for certain was that she was born in this world with a deep desire to heal the pain and darkness that exists.

I was given the most amazing gift when I was first born into this world - the gift to see life neutrally, objectively and from a distance . Although, I had to endure physical and emotional hardships in order to gain this gift - without this gift, I would truly be lost in a world that is far too dark for my heart to live in with the growing thirst and the deepest desire to spread the light that I cannot seem to contain inside of me any longer.

I was born to unite all of our minds. I was born to teach the world to look at their individual thoughts, shape them and shift thoughts of division to thoughts of unity. That is the purpose of my existence. I know that now. I'm here to help in the best way I can, using my own thoughts to help create the shift from dark thoughts of division to light thoughts of unity in all of humanity!





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