Word of the week - Spirituality

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 14 2018

Often, we find ourselves in the strangest situations in life. Life has many lessons to teach you, but the ways it chooses to teach you are beyond your understanding. And somehow, life knows just what you need and when you need it. When all the points click, you understand that there is something beyond what you can see. Something bigger than all of us. Exploring that feeling of connectedness, that there is something bigger without diving into religion is called spirituality. But, how can one become more spiritual?

The road to spirituality

Finding out what lies there, and within is not a simple task. And while there are many practices such as yoga, meditation, and prayers that can help you along the way, there isn't really an exact practice that can help you. Spirituality is a broad subject, and it doesn't limit you in the way you rediscover yourself and the world. The whole point of it is to find your path among hundreds of others. And however different, each path is the right one, and each path is the true one.

Why should you use incense on your road to spirituality?

While there are many ways to discover your true road towards spirituality - there are a few things that go along hand in hand in almost every practice. One of them is the use of incense. Even from the very beginning of our civilizations, we can find a lot of rituals that involve burning of herbs and using them for healing and in religious rituals. But, how exactly can incense help you on your road to spirituality? Each scent has its own effects on you. But, beyond that, we have a special memory in our brain that connects smells to specific emotions and memories. When you use incense during your spiritual practices, you are basically training your mind to settle down and become ready for your search of spirituality. You are making an imprint on your mind. And every time you use incense, it will become easier for you to dive into the world of the unknown, deep inside your soul and by doing so to help you improve yourself.

What is the best incense for spiritual sessions?

There are many scents out there that can help you in many situations. In reality, there is a sent for every purpose. They can help you sleep better, calm yourself or even boost your creativity. They smell amazing too! The best smelling incense sticks that we like to use here at MLMS are:

Lavender - To help you calm down and sleep better.

Sandalwood - For serenity. They are often used in Buddhist temples.

Lemongrass - If you are looking for inspiration but you seem kinda stuck, then this is the best scent for you.

Green Tree - Excellent for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Refreshing, and soothing - perfect for after a long day at work

But when it comes to your road to spirituality, we would recommend Sage as the best option. Sage smudge sticks are used by Native Americans often because they believe that sage wards off negative energies and cleanses the body. Recent studies also show that sage also cleanses airborne bacteria. Besides that, sage has a calming effect yet it is strong enough to keep you focused during your spiritual sessions.

If you are unsure how to use sage sticks you can also buy our sage cleansing kit with all the needed information about how to use and all the tools you need.

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