Word of The Week - Spiritual

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 19 2018

Often, there is a mix up between religion and spirituality. Everybody seems to think that if you go to church, or read a holy book or maybe attend meditation sessions you are a spiritual person. But is the very act of attending something or reading something that makes you spiritual? Because we all know that even though some people are religious, they still can’t be called spiritual. And sometimes, even people who aren’t religious at all can be called spiritual.

So, how does one become spiritual?

The word itself contains the words spirit which can also mean a soul. Spiritual isn’t something that you become when you attend to something, spiritual means a kind soul. A kind and loving soul, that smiles to the world, that enjoys the good and bad and doesn’t blame anyone for it.

A soul that understands that sometimes a sincere smile is the greatest gift that you can give. A soul that doesn’t give a damn how you look and who you are and will always extend their arm to the people who need it. A soul that has a child’s curiosity and doesn’t take the world too seriously. A soul that understands that people need each other most on this magical journey called life. A soul with a magical spark, that shines the brightest in the darkest hours. A soul that understands that no matter the differences we are all the same.

We all need help sometimes and we all share good and bad experiences through life. It’s the very core that connects us.

And love and kindness is the fuel that sparks your magic and makes you spiritual.



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