Bring The Art of Feng Shui to Your Bedroom

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 19 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to our awesome Feng Shui guides that will help you bring some balance to your home.

Last time we spoke about the living room, but today we are moving to the room in which you spend the most of your lives – the bedroom. If lately, you have been feeling tired, unfocused even though you have been getting a lot of sleep, you might be facing a disturbed flow of energy, or even worse the yin and yang in your bedroom are unbalanced.

Which means maybe it’s time to give the space of your bedroom some thought and organize it better so you can have a good rest and wake up energetic and ready to seize the day. The main thing to keep in mind here is that a tidy and well-organized space tends to bring balance between the yin and yang. So here are some tips on how to achieve that:

1. Let’s start with your bed. Your bed should be placed diagonally of the door. This is essential to bringing good feng shui energy in your bedroom.

2. Now, let’s move a little behind your bed. The headboard of the bed can be very significant. Choosing a wooden headboard will help you in achieving inner and outer stability. Which means no more restless nights for you!

3. Energy flow is very important when studying the art of feng shui. Having an undisturbed energy flow in your bedroom is very important so you can get your well-deserved rest. Unfortunately, the habit of sticking stuff under your bed can impact the energy flow of the entire room negatively. Never put things under the bed to ensure positive energy flow.

4. To further anchor yourself in the now and the rest you should be getting instead of your mind wondering everywhere without a purpose, it’s great to use nightstands on each side of the bed. Wooden nightstands on each side of the bed to anchor your bed and energy in place.

5. A simple trick that can switch the entire atmosphere in the room is to put a rug under the bed. This helps to keep warm and cozy atmosphere inside of your room.

6. Images of nature and landscapes above wooden headboard are an excellent way to project serenity, calmness, and peace. You can have several or one bigger, something that makes you feel peaceful and calm.

7. Across the images of nature and nature landscapes is the space of your room that you usually see first when you get out of bed. Make sure to set up some positive quotes to inspire and motivate you when you wake up.

8. If you are a fan of late night tv series or you are working late you are probably bringing your laptop to the bedroom. Your laptop should always be closed once you finish with it so you can reduce the electromagnetic energy that can disturb the positive energy flow.

9. For all our fellow bookworms we have a really neat trick. Instead of organizing your books by size, you should instead organize them by color. Books organized by color signify order, balance, and purpose.

10. The overall colors in your bedroom have a very big impact on the atmosphere and energy flow. Warm colors accompanied by brown and wooden details create a soothing atmosphere.



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