Word of the week: Resolution

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 02 2018

Hello everyone! 
We wish you to have a Happy Magical New Year!

And with the New Year comes a New, Magical Beginning! What drives us to the need of a New Beginning is the need for change for the better. But we cannot do better if we don’t have a strong Resolution. I bet you hear this word a lot these days, but what exactly is a Resolution?

Simply put, a resolution is the ability to make a firm decision and have the resolve to stick by it until the end. It is a test of character of sorts, will you manage to stick to your decision, no matter the odds, simply through sheer will? Well, I would say that resolution is a necessity in everyone's life, it gives us direction and purpose in life. And every year I set for myself the same resolution:

See Magic!
Feel Magic!
Be Magic!

Each year I try to see and understand the mysterious ways Magic works, every day. Sometimes, it’s a simple thing as a feather flying at a precise moment, sometimes it’s much more. But, I enjoy the little things as you can see. I explore myself and my magical spark within. I try to feel its sparks within me, and I cherish each and every joyful emotion. I work on acknowledging my importance, as a part of the bigger Magic that surrounds the world.

You might think it’s silly, to have the same resolution over and over again every year. Wouldn’t that lead to no progress, whatsoever? Magic is unpredictable and we cannot even imagine the mysterious ways that little spark within us can lead us to. It’s something in your soul, like a saved copy of an ancient map that leads you to the places in life that you are supposed to be at that exact moment. So, when you think about it that way, it’s a pretty good resolution, right?



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