A New Magical Beginning

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 02 2018

Hello everyone!
We wish you a Happy New Magical Year!

And with the New Year, comes a sort of a new beginning for our lives. The Mother Earth just finished it’s cycle and is starting a new one. And so should we. Each year is a chance for a new beginning for us. It is time to let go of all the negativity that clungs to us from the past year, and dive in into the new fresh year that offers us the chance to write a completely new chapter.


365 empty pages, sit in front of you.

What will you write on them?

Whatever you choose, let the good and positive within you prevail. Promise yourself to draw everything, positive, every last bit of joy from you and enjoy it every single day. Reinvigorate your magical sparkle, feel the beauty within and enjoy life. Promise yourself to take breaks, laugh at the silly things, and that you will cherish each moment from this years life. And if you don’t know exactly where to start it’s really okay, because we might have the solution for you.




Check out our One Little Wish, it is really great for trying to start anew.

The ritual itself and the positive vibrations that it will wake within you, we believe it will be perfect for your Magical New Beginning.

Set your new goals, love yourself and most importantly enjoy life and the little things.


It's the little things that wake the joy within us!



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