Word of the Week – Magic

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 17 2018

Often, when you hear the word magic you might be thinking of magic tricks and magicians that fool the eyes. It’s a trick it’s all there is. But in real life, we know that magic exists. Magic is something that we can’t get a full grasp on and we can’t explain. It shakes you and touches the deepest cores of your being.

Have you ever thought of your mother, and she instantly called you? Or maybe you get the shivers and butterflies when your lover pecks your cheek? Or maybe you just stumble on someone and just get a feeling, something within you, and years later you are still best friends with that person? After all, we are all on a journey on which we grow through experiences. But the Universe conspires to attract events that help you achieve your growth. That little touch of the Universe special, which makes your soul spark up like the tips of a magic wand in the cartoons.

You are the Universe exploring itself as a human for a little while.

Eckhart Tolle

That special feeling, that magic, which touches you and changes you, in the strangest, obscure and best possible ways that you never thought could happen, those moments in time, which is what makes life special and magical. And once you start to awake it, it just keeps coming back in your life until you are ready to see it. Really, once you start looking, you will start to see the patterns and how the littlest things in life can contain so much magic.

That particular hot chocolate that you love from that exact place and no one else that lead you to the love of your life, tripping on the street where a kind stranger that would become your best friend in life, the little kitten that you can’t seem to chase away from your doorstep that becomes the companion and joy in life you needed… They are all just threads of magic, touching you, sparking you up, and connecting you from point A-B in your life so you can rediscover the Universe. 

Pursue them, enjoy them, follow the threads and awake your magic! And if you are having some trouble along the way, don't worry, we'll always be here to help you create your own damn magic!



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