Word of the Week – Healing

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 26 2018

A few of the definitions for Healing that you can find are that healing is a process in which you are mending, restoring yourself to a pure, state, and not allowing viruses, germs, and illnesses to take over you. But you all know that even if you are sometimes physically okay, something deep inside you just doesn’t feel right.

Over the years there are good and bad things that happen to you, but sometimes you give too much power to the negative experiences and emotions. After all, it’s only a natural law that you attract more of what you have. Sometimes we all feel down, but if there is something deep down itchy, you need to heal. What you have is what you create and give power to. So, let yourself heal, don’t give power to something that will only take more from you.

Healing yourself spiritually starts from knowing yourself, and all the tiny pieces you avoid until they become enormous beasts. You owe it to yourself to restore yourself, no matter how scary that process may be for you. It’s time to kiss the beasts you created goodbye and its time to welcome new, greater and better things into your life by allowing yourself to heal. You need to embrace yourself and let yourself heal.

And through that wonderful process of balancing yourself and restoring your pure, healthy spiritual state, you will awake your magic.



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