Word Of The Week - Crystal Healing Types

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 19 2019

One of the most common questions that you might have when you start working with crystal healing is how many crystal healing types are there? When we talk about crystal healing, we are usually referring to the practice of connecting with the energy of crystals so that we can heal an aspect of ourselves.

Although the process of connecting with each crystal is similar, the healing process is different with each crystal, because each crystal holds a unique healing power, and each crystal can help out with one or more specific issues.

So, according to this, the answer to the question of how many crystal healing types are there, the answer is there are as many crystal healing types in the world as there are crystals types in the world.

What can you heal with crystal healing?

In crystal healing, there is a crystal that is good for healing any issue that you might have, the trick is to find the right crystal. Sometimes, when you have a good connection with your intuition the trick is to simply choose your crystals at random, and let your intuition and subconscious mind guide you towards what you need. If a crystal catches your eye, or you are drawn by it – it’s not a coincidence! That crystal is probably the best one for healing an aspect of yourself.

On the other hand, if you feel like your intuition was all over the place lately, or you are just not the person to let things to chance then what we suggest is to set some time aside for yourself and figure out what you need healing crystals for. What we suggest is to take a few moments of your day, and identify what is lacking from your life, what is holding you back, what you can’t overcome on your own, which aspects of your life are falling behind others.

Be true to yourself, and to be more objective, take a pen and paper and write everything down. Are you suffering from anxiety, is stress getting to you? Do you wish you get a promotion, or to change your career? Anything that is on your mind, any goal, anything that holds you back, pin it down.

This is the moment of your truth. Then you can research some crystals, or you can ask the shop seller to recommend some good crystals for your purpose. Here are a few healing crystals for the most common healing purposes:

Best Chakra Healing Crystals:

Best Crystals For Healing Per Intention:

  • Rose Quartz – Manifesting Love & Finding Soulmate

  • Green Moss Agate – Manifest wealth & abundance

  • Fancy Jasper – Improves focus and concentration, bringing clarity and improving decision making

  • Black Tourmaline – Ultimate Protection

  • Clear Quartz – Manifesting Dreams

  • Aventurine – Positive energy & luck

  • Citrine – Increasing Creativity

  • Carnelian – Increasing Self Confidence & Personal Power

  • Sodalite – Harnessing Calmness & Mindfulness

  • Amethyst – Intuition Building & Fighting off anxiety

  • Amazonite – Calming down anger, harnessing calmness & discovering the source of negative patterns

  • Malachite – Transforming negative patterns into positive ones

  • Lapis Lazuli – Intuition building & connecting with the Universe

  • Tiger Eye – Manifesting positive change into your life & increasing vitality

  • Jasper – Grounding & stabilizing

  • Goldstone – Increasing courage & protection against negative vibes

  • Fluorite – Clarity & improved decision making

  • Lava – Courage, strength & calming down anger

  • Garnet – Prosperity & cleansing

  • Unakite – Manifesting Love & Self-Love

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