Word of the Week - Cleanse

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 10 2018

When it comes to making spiritual progress, you have to do it right. Sometimes, you cling so much to the same mindsets and habits that they slowly become toxic to you. Once you put your vibes down even for a bit, low-frequency vibes are there to hunt you down. And as a result, you get anxiety, stress, insomnia, and disappointment in yourself. But, that is never the way forward! Cleanse yourself from this menacing vibes and start a new magical page of your life. Discover the art of cleansing and banish the negative vibes away so they can never hinder your progress ever again.

Cleansing in a general meaning is a process in which you rid your body of toxins and negative substances. Toxins pile up in your body and they harm your body in different ways. The same is with the spirit. Negative energies can block energy centers and can bring imbalance and misfortune in your life. Which is why cleansing is a very important step that you must make if you want to begin your spiritual growth.

Just think of it this way, how can you build something if its foundations aren’t firm?

A tree that has deep roots can withstand even the strongest storm, but a tree cannot grow deep roots at the moment the storm arrives.


Cleansing yourself, your spirit and body as well as the environment in which you live, are crucial if you want to grow spiritually and awaken your magic. That means, any unsolved issues, any repressed emotions, any negative people, any toxic and vile negative energy that is lurking around you, should have no place in your life.

And through the process of cleansing, you will achieve that, a clean slate, ready to be filled with positive vibes and awake your magic! 

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