The Eighth Astrology House- Now I see us

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 14 2018

On this magical journey through the Astrology Houses, we have finally reached the eight astrology house. While in the seventh astrology house we were talking about sharing and building relationships, in the eight astrology house these relationships will go deeper. In this process often a part of you dies out, like old habits to make new for a new part in your life, a coexistence with your partner. In the eight astrology house, everything transforms from "I am" to "we are". In this truly magical process, your relationships grow and reach a new depth. The eight astrology house is also known as the house of resources and financial matters.

If the 2nd house represents your (1st house) resources, then the 8th house is the place for the other’s (7th house) resources. This is why the 8th house is the house of taxes, debts, legacies or inheritances. Here we learn that a stable relationship of any kind involves sharing or merging of resources, whether we’re talking about money, property or emotions. “My finances” become “our finances”, “my values” become “our values as partners”. In a romantic relationship, intimacy is also seen as a merging of resources, an alchemical process that brings out our shadow to the surface and transforms it through the union. The 8th house is deep, often dark territory.

After meeting the “other” in the 7th house, we go beyond social niceties and convention and get to the real deal: profound complexes and fears come to the surface, vulnerabilities are either revealed or fiercely protected, intense emotions can range from raw passion to jealousy, manipulation and desire to control. This is the house of transformation and also the proverbial house of death, as profound change always implies a part of us dying to make room for the new. Exploring subconscious patterns and fears often bring us to the collective archetypes that lay dormant in our psyche: the occult world of what is hidden, operating from the shadows. We’re now opposing the 2nd house of concrete, sensory reality and we find extra-sensory experiences and depth.

Look at the sign and the planets in your 8th house to see how you approach intimacy, how you transform yourself, what role shared finances/other people’s finances play in your life, how you handle power and occult experiences.

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