Word of the Week - Acceptance

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 29 2018

Why do we crave acceptance?
Why do we need the sense of belonging?

All people are social beings, it is in our genetic nature to want to belong somewhere, to live together, to be accepted as part of society. But lately, our society has changed so much.

With all the technology and gadgets that you use, everyday life is completely changed. Even though the very nature of these technological contraptions is to bring us closer it seems to have done the very opposite. Sitting on tables and staring at the screen often not muttering a single word with our family or friends. 

Acceptance. It has become even harder to achieve it nowadays. And the sense of belonging has never been as needed among you guys as now. But, the one thing that is wrong with this whole picture, is the starting point.

Each and every one of you wants to be accepted, but you don’t accept yourself. The journey of satisfying the need to be accepted and to belong starts with YOU.

When you explore yourself, get to know who you really are and finally accept every flaw and virtue that you have, only then will you realize that the only person that you need acceptance from is yourself. As soon as you start your journey inwards, the sense of belonging will follow. You will feel and you will know that you belong, right here, right now, at this very moment to yourself.

And the revelation of this journey will completely change your life. Your magical spark will light up and the anxiety and burden of not belonging and the craving for acceptance will vanish.

You belong. Here. Now. You are accepted. In this very moment, by yourself and your magic!



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