Why is the Third Eye Chakra Important?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 16 2018

Chakras are very important energy centers placed through the body. They are all very important and keeping these energy centers open and flowing with energy is very important for your general well-being. Each chakra has its own purpose and type of energy that is in charge of. One of the most important chakras for helping you build-up intuition and get in touch with your higher-self is the Third Eye Chakra or Ajna. The Third Eye chakra location is between your brows, and it’s often represented by a purple – purple bluish color.

What you have to understand is that the Ajna is a sort of a bridge, between different realms of existence of yourself. So, what you are now experiencing is your physical self, and you are living here in this moment, in this mindset and in this current situation. In other words, you are preoccupied with the way of life in the physical realm to get to notice what is going on, on a deeper scale. There are so many aspects of yourself, like your higher-self. Your higher-self is the peak of spiritual growth, the very energy from which you came. And it holds a very close and deep connection with your Third Eye chakra. For example, when you good energy flows through your chakra, you are opening a path through which your higher-self can communicate with you.

Your intuition and perception are stronger, you see beyond the everyday problems and shift your perspective towards a more fulfilling life, the art of prediction is within your reach and even some psychic abilities like clairvoyance. After all, your higher-self contains wisdom beyond your expectations and is an eternal source of guidance through your life. So, when you think about it, the Ajna, for such a small wheel of energy has such great importance over your life!

Awake your own damn magic through opening your Third Eye Chakra!



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