Magical Dream Guide – Interpret your Dreams! Vol.1

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 14 2018

Dreaming is something every human being has experienced in their life. Each night you dream, and then every morning around 95% of your dreams are forgotten. But that shouldn’t be like that. Dreams contain messages from your higher-self and it’s really important to keep a check on them. Keeping a dream journal is great because you can spot patterns from your dreams but now you need to learn how to interpret your dreams. We have an amazing Dream Guide just for you guys to help you interpret your dreams!


Dreaming of a house is usually a sign for your deeper layers of consciousness. Depending on the rooms, halls and the size of them as well as the house itself can give you a general idea of your unconscious mind and what a big place it takes and how important can it be to explore it.


Have you ever had that dream where everyone is staring at you and you realize that you are naked? Everyone can see everything. It’s one of the most disturbing dreams and it’s deeper meaning is that you feel vulnerable in life. Maybe you opened up too much to the wrong person?


Everyone has had at least one of these dreams. You are falling from a very high place and you can’t control the situation. You feel as if your life will end, your stomach turning and then you wake up all sweaty. Well, this dreams isn’t that good news. It means that something in your life is or is about to go completely out of your control.

Being Chased

This is definitely one of the most common dreams, and one of the most disturbing ones. It means that you are running away from something in real life. There is a matter that you are definitely not addressing even though it’s important. If this is a recurring dream, then it’s time to give yourself some space and think through what is going on in your life

Awake your magic and the true meaning of your dreams through our Dream Guide!

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