When Someone's Being a Jerk, Let Them Be.

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on March 02 2018

That's right.  When someone is being a jerk, let them continue being a jerk.  Why?  Because it presents you with the most wonderful opportunity.  To take a pause.  To step outside of yourself for a moment to observe the situation from a higher perspective.  To try something new and different.  


  • Next time someone is in full force jerk mood, channel your inner observer and ask yourself a couple of questions.  Try questions like:
  • Why is this person so passionate about whatever this conversation is about?  
  • Why are they so upset?  
  • What were they doing immediately before this?  
  • What do they have to do after this?  What is the end result that are trying to achieve?
  •  Is this their normal way of communicating?  
  • What makes them communicate this way?  

After you've made a full assessment, the goal is that you've changed your reaction, or at least put it on pause long enough that you can approach the rest of the situation from a calm, collected and well assessed manner.  

The whole point is, when someone's being a jerk, don't let them influence you to be one too!  



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