What to Expect During a Remote Reiki Healing Session

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 23 2020

Hey Magic Maker!!

So, you’ve signed up for a Remote Reiki Session and are wondering what to expect. Well, guess what, love, we got you!

First, congratulations on embarking on this new healing journey!! We are so excited for you to get your healing on. Reiki, a modern Japanese healing technique, is an amazing way to restore balance to your body and soul, while encouraging your body to heal itself. And, the best part about Reiki is that advanced practitioners are initiated to be able to send reiki through time and distance using some very sacred symbols. Your Reiki Practioner must have completed Level 2 of their Reiki training to be able to do this. Shereen is a Master Teacher, so not only can she send you Reiki from a distance, she can also initiate new Reiki Practitioners and perform powerful healing attunements.

Given the times, Remote or Distant Healing Reiki Sessions are becoming quite popular. Not only can they provide the same level as healing and energy transference as hands-on Reiki, but they also follow social distancing protocols. There is a fantastic article about Distant Reiki Healing on the reiki.org site that you can check out here. It explains exactly how and why distant Reiki (and hand-on reiki for that matter) works. Remote Reiki Sessions are especially excellent for those who are at elevated risk for COVID, people who are not as mobile or even folks that just don’t have the time to commute to an in-person session.

We have broken what to expect during a Remote Reiki Session into three categories to make sure you fully understand what will go down during your session. In the Before section, we share some tips and tricks on how to prepare for the session as well as how your practitioner will prepare. In the During section, we will explain what happens during a session with Shereen, our in house Reiki Master Teacher, so you can have a standard blueprint. Finally, in the After section, we will break down all that you can expect following your session. Enjoy!!

Before Your Remote Reiki Session

Preparing for your Reiki Session can ensure that you get the most out of the energy. You can read more about the specific steps you will want to do here. They include being ready and willing to heal, setting a specific intention on what you want to work on and being ready to release what no longer serves you. You will also want to make sure that you create a safe and sacred space for you to be when your session starts. You will want to be in a relaxing environment that is free from distractions. This means TVs off, candles lit and incense burning. If you want to up the energy, do this meditation on our youtube channel to help you connect with your higher self before the session. Lastly, it is important to set up your phone or camera to capture your entire body. This will make it easier for your Reiki Practitioner.

As for your practitioner, here are a few steps they will take to prepare for your session. Please note all Reiki Healers have their own rituals to prepare so these are the most common.

  • Cleansing their space with sage, Florida Water or another cleansing smudge or spray. Healers do this to ensure energy from previous sessions do not leak over. They also do this to ensure their energy field is clear and ready to receive Reiki energy.

  • Protecting their space and energy field. It is important that Healers create a sacred space to work, even if they are working remotely. They will often set an intention for the space to be filled with healing, light and love. Also, they may use sacred symbols to seal their energic field to ensure your energy does not mix with yours. When doing Reiki, the healer is channeling energy through their bodies and out through their hands, directing it at you across time and space. They are not using their energy or any personal powers when administering Reiki and there is no way for them to transfer their energy to you, but while the Reiki is working on it, you could be expelling heavy or dark energy. By protecting their space and energy field, your healer can prevent that energy from attaching to them.

  • Turning on Reiki energy and meditating. Reiki Healers will ask for Reiki energy to flow before the session to ensure it is at maximum flow by the time your session starts. Some Healers might even meditate or journey to connect with spirit for guidance on the session. This will allow them to be open and clear to deliver the best session possible for you.

During Your Distant Reiki Session

Now that you and your Reiki Healer have both prepared for the session, you are ready to start. We recommend that while your healer is working on you, you try to relax. You can do breathing exercises like counting each breath to ten and then starting over or you could mediate allowing your imagination to take you on a journey. During your session, you can also expect some or all of the following things to take place.

  • Energy or Boison Scanning. This happens when your Reiki Healer is checking your energic field for any leaks, gaps or imbalances. They will do this to see where they would like to spend the most time focusing your session on. Also, if your Reiki Healer uses a doll or bear to represent your body during your remote session, they might place crystals in areas that need some extra loving.

  • Chakra Assessment. Similar to Boison scanning, your healer will check each chakra to test is functioning and if it is in balance or not. Some practitioners use a pendulum for this part of the session. They will hold the pendulum over each chakra representing your body over their own body or the Reiki Doll or Bear. You might see them take note of chakras that need additional support to talk with you more about it after the session.

  • Reiki Administration. Starting from the top of your energy field to the toes, your healer will administer reiki throughout your body. Because Reiki is intelligent, it will go exactly where it needs to go regardless of where the healer directs the energy. It doesn’t hurt to make sure they cover your whole body just in case though.

  • Address Special Needs. This is the part of the session that your Reiki Healer will go back to any areas of imbalanced energy and use additional techniques to bring balance to those areas. Some techniques include using sacred Reiki symbols, dowsing with a pendulum, using a rattle or drum to break up the energy, using an energy generator or specific crystal or stone to pull heavy energy away or they might even journey for you to recover healing from the spirit world.

  • Seal the Healing. Finally, your healer will ask the universe to seal the healing with love and light. They will also sweep away any repelled energy.

Of course, this protocol will vary from practitioner to practitioner but for the most part, most will follow these steps.

After Your Remote Reiki Healing

After your session has commenced, your Healer will deliver any messages, tips or tricks for you. They will often tell you about any chakras that might have been out of wack. Do not despair if you have chakras out of balance. EVERYONE has at least one or more not acting at its optimal potential most of the time. It is actually rare to have a client where all their chakras are perfect. What is important is to learn about which chakra is congested and what you can do to keep it clear now that your Reiki Healer has rebalanced it. Here are a few other things you can expect after a remote reiki session.

  • Discussion. Allow your Reiki Healer to share tips, tricks and any guidance they have based on your session.

  • Questions. Ask all the questions you want. You can also share your intention or any insight that came up during your meditation.

  • Water. You might find yourself feeling a little dehydrated after a session. Since Reiki really turns up the gears on the body’s healing process, this burns a bit more energy. Be sure to drink a lot of water after your session, allowing the water to further flush any toxins or released energy from your body.

  • Dreams. You might also find yourself having some intense dreams right after Reiki. It’s a great idea to write them down so you can remember them later. The reason for this is your spirit was given a dose of divine energy, connecting you more deeply with spirit. This connection lingers for a bit and your dreams are the easier way for spirit to connect with you more deeply.

Remember that just because your session is finished, that doesn’t mean the Reiki energy is finished. Reiki will continue to flow through you for a while longer. This might even cause intense dreams or even a bit of lightheadedness. This is completely normal. Stay hydrated and open to synchronicities coming your way to take your healing even further.

We really hope you enjoyed this breakdown of what to expecting before, during and after a remote reiki healing. Enjoy your session and definitely drop a comment below if you want to share your experience.

Sending you soo much love and light for your next session! Be sure to check out our other Reiki blog posts or book a Reiki Healing Session with Shereen below.



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