How to Prepare for a Reiki Session

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 23 2020

Hey Magic Maker!!

So, you’ve signed up for a Reiki Session and are wondering what is the best way to prepare so you can get the most of your Reiki Session. Well, guess what, love, we got you!

First, we have to say congratulations on embarking on this new healing journey!! Reiki, a modern Japanese healing technique is an amazing way to restore balance to your body and soul, while encouraging your body to heal itself. We are so excited for you to get your healing on.

Coming prepared for a session, regardless if it is in person or remote, will only ensure that you get the most out of your session. Showing up with the intention to heal, defining a specific issue or trauma you want to focus on and being ready to release anything that stands in the way of your healing is absolutely imperative. Without these three specifics, healing is still possible but the deepest healing always occurs with an intention to do so. Your practitioner is only a vessel for healing energy and spirit to flow through, and as important as they are in helping you through this process, ultimately the true power lies within your intention.

Read more about the three things you must do before your next Reiki Session below.

Show Up with the Intention to Heal

As with all healing work, your intention to heal matters. When you embark on any new healing journey, showing up authentically wanting to heal is absolutely necessary. This intention signals your body and energetic field to get ready to heal and most importantly, to get ready to receive the healing and intelligent energy of Reiki. You might even find that the days leading up to your session, synchronicities start happening to further prepare you to receive this energy.

Showing up with skepticism or a negative attitude to your Reiki Session, only repels the healing from sticking. An example of this is if you show up with an out of balance root chakra, filled with worry about wasting your money, Reiki will help to rebalance that chakra during your session, but it might not stick for as long. You might find yourself feeling great immediately after but a few days later, back to worrying about life. When you are truly ready to heal, you must show up expecting to heal and open to healing. Being positive and open to your session will only allow you to be more receptive to the energy which in turn will make you more open to keeping the effects longer. Also, your Reiki Master will happily share with you tips, techniques and crystals that you can implement into your self-care routines that will help you keep that balance.

We also suggest that before your session you keep the affirmation “I Am Ready and WIlling to Healing” close to you. You can say this affirmation three times a day before and the day of your session to make sure the universe is completely open.

Define a Specific Issue or Trauma to Work On

Now that you are ready and willing to heal, it’s time to set a specific intention or trauma you want to work on. It’s always better to determine this before your session so you show up focused AND ready and willing to heal. You can choose to communicate this to your practitioner at the beginning or the end of the session, whichever feels most comfortable for you. Either way, it is a great idea to imagine yourself healing this trauma or issue while your practitioner administering Reiki to you.

An example of this if you wanted to release your money worries so that you can attract more abundance into your life. You would try to think of the first time you felt worried about not having enough money to care for yourself. Allow this memory to come to the surface and observe where you feel tight, heavy or achy in your body. Once you have redeemed the feeling, imagine it leaving your body. And, if you are up for it, pretend you can send love, reassurance and kindness to that younger version of yourself. Let your imagination take over while the reiki is flowing into you, helping you connect you with your unconscious to kiss that fear of money bye bye.

Be Ready to Release Anything the No Longer Serves You

While undergoing Reiki, you are receiving healing and intelligent energy from the source. This can be extremely powerful for meditative work and we always recommend for clients to do some sort of meditation to further empower the Reiki. This is where being ready to release anything that is no longer serving you is important. When receiving Reiki, it’s a great time to connect with your higher self to gain further understanding of what habits, beliefs and/or reoccurring thoughts need to be released in order to maximize healing. An easy way is to imagine your soul going on a journey to meet your higher self and them what you need to release. Check out our youtube channel for a guided meditation to help you connect with your higher self. You can also do this in three steps below.

  1. Imagine yourself travelling to a safe and beautiful place.

  2. Call your higher self in and imagine them showing up.

  3. Ask them what you can release to access your intention.

Once you have identified what thoughts, habits or beliefs you need to release, you can make a commitment to working on whatever has come up. Of course, it won’t happen overnight but making a commitment to do your best to work on releasing these will only be to your benefit.

Feel free to discuss this meditation with your Reiki Master especially if you feel confused about you learned. As a Shamanic Practioner, Shereen is equipped to guide or help you interpret and understand any journeying work you do. Also, she is able to dowse (with a pendulum) the thought, habit or belief you want to release.

BONUS: Preparing for a Remote Reiki Session

Although a remote Reiki Session is no different than an in-person session from an energetic strength perspective, the biggest difference is that you get to set the environment for your session. Use this to your advantage. Here are some things you can do to ensure the most relaxing remote reiki session possible.

  • Light a candle after holding it to your heart while reciting the intention of “I am ready and willing to heal”.

  • Burn some incense or oil to set the mood and engage your sense of smell.

  • Find a quiet, comfortable space in your home that will allow you to be undisturbed for the entire session.

  • Play some soothing music. Be sure the volume isn’t louder than your Reiki Practiioner’’s voice.

  • Remove all jewelry and crystals. These might interfere with the practioner’s work.

  • Write your specific intention on a piece of paper and keep it close to you.

  • Set up your camera, phone or computer in a position that shows your entire body.

Sending you soo much love and light for your next session! Be sure to check out our other Reiki blog posts or book a Reiki Healing Session with Shereen below.



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