What is the Terror Barrier?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 20 2018

Have you ever worked for something so hard in your life, and yet somehow nothing seemed to change? You put so much effort into your ideas and dreams and yet somehow, life doesn't listen to you. It won't won't budge, not even a little bit. Like you are hitting an iron wall and pushing against it. There is a familiar concept for this, and it's called the terror barrier.  Sounds scary, right? And it is because the terror barrier is something you create and it is holding you back not only in that particular goal that you had in mind but also in life in general.

What is the Terror Barrier?

The terror barrier is something that you experience right before you achieve your goal. To achieve any goal, you have to make a lot of changes in your life. But, what happens when you reach your goal? Considerable transition and development in your life which is something that will make your life different forever. And this is when the terror barrier is becoming a part of your life. You begin with negative thought patterns - "What if it doesn't work out?" "What if this is all for nothing?".

All of these thoughts pile up one after the other until fear overtakes you. Then fear turns into anxiety and anxiety turns into panic. And then you hit that terror barrier so hard that everything goes back the way it was. Not only does it go back, but then comes a sense of relief - "Maybe this is for the better." "Maybe it was just never meant to be." and you sit tight and hug your comfort zone without achieving your goals. When you fall back into your old patterns and habits, you become discouraged to try and change something about your life. And that's when the terror barrier cycle is complete.

The worst part is that there is no terror barrier unless you create it. There isn't anything that is holding you back to achieve your dreams and do everything you ever wanted to accept yourself. 

So, then a question arises - why do you do this to yourself? You are the boss of your life. You are the one that is creating the magic. You are in charge. So, start acting like it! Even if you hit that terror barrier a thousand times, you have to charge at it again and again.

Charge relentlessly and ruthlessly until you break through the terror barrier and transform your life by creating the magic you deserve!



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