What is an Aura?

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on November 20 2017

Aura is a common word these days. You might even hear someone say they are cleansing their Aura or that the color of their Aura changed. You might even start thinking that an Aura is some kind of object, maybe some super high tech merchandise that just got out?
A car perhaps?
But if you do a little research you will soon find that Aura has a more spiritual and a meaning.


But what exactly does it all mean?
What is an Aura and how does it affect your life?

Well, an Aura represents an energy field that each living thing emits. Each living thing emits a different kind of energy and it is believed that these energies are the Auras. Every type of Aura has a different color and each color has its own meaning. Each color represents a certain type of energy. Remember how when you meet some people you can’t help but feel joy, but someone else gives you the chills? That is all due to the Aura.

Now that you think about it, if Auras can make you perceive these kind of intuitive feelings about others you can’t help but make an observation about how Auras actually have a very big impact on your life.

Also with all this hype about Thanksgivings Day you might not know that each year the 4th Saturday of November is International Aura Awareness Day. This year it’s on the 25th November which is this week. This means that you can check some more interesting stuff about Auras on this day.



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