What is a Pendulum and How Does It Work?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 19 2018

You might have heard that Pendulums are mystical objects that help you communicate with the spirit world. In history, however, Pendulums have been used for many different things, but the one that stands out most is for finding valuable objects. There are some rumors that some generals have used them to predict where landmines would be so they can avoid them.

But, what exactly is a Pendulum? And does it really possess such mystical powers?

Pendulums are usually objects that are built from two parts. One part is the chain and the other is the object that is on the chain which is usually a gemstone. By holding your gemstone still, at the end of the chain letting it float vertically in the air after you ask a question, the pendulum will start to move in a certain direction. By asking more questions and observing how it moves for yes and no questions, after some time you will learn what its movements mean. And by doing so, you can help yourself in various ways. At least in theory. We know it might seem a little spooky, but don't worry there is a perfectly logical explanation for it!

How does this happen though? Is it some make believe? How do Pendulums work?

Well, the pendulum that consists of a certain type of gemstone actually emits its own energy. So let’s say you are looking for some answers about love and you are using a quartz gemstone (like the one below).

 This gemstone emits love energy which is perfect for finding out your answers regarding the romantical aspects of your life. So a little research about the different types of gemstones and pendulums is required for different types of questions about your life. It's not really mandatory but it's best when you are a begginer to learn how to improve your focus and clarity of questions.

But the thing about energy is, that it can be emitted and received. By focusing your attention on the question that you want to find an answer to, your subconscious mind slowly awakens. Usually, we have all the answers we need but we don’t realize that we do. So, we aimlessly search for answers. Luckily our subconsious mind is a very powerful thing. We have endless capacity of information stored in it, but no way to access it. Which is where the pendulums come in the picture.

What a pendulum does is it allows you to emit energy frequencies that will help your subconscious mind, not only to awake but also find a way to give you the answers you are looking for, you already know them but yet you don't have access to them. And how does the subconscious part of our brain do that? Simply by sending electrical impulses to your nerves and make tiny unnoticeable micro-movements with your fingers. We bet you'd never even feel them, or expect them, or you might have thought of it. But it's true! You are the one doing all the magic, because you already know the answers! That way, by focusing, and emitting and receiving the proper energy type using a pendulum, you will get to tap into the part of your mind that has all the answers. How awesome is that?

And now that you know a little bit more about pendulums, we bet that by exploring yourself, you will find your answers hidden in your own subconscious!

After all, you are magical! The magic was always you!


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