Reconnecting with Nature Meditation

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 21 2018

Hello everyone!

We have an awesome Meditation for you today - Reconnecting with Nature Meditation. After all, Mother Nature nurtures us all and we are its children. With this Meditation, you will strengthen your connection with Nature or you will reconnect with it if you have lost it. Let’s begin:

1. Lay down on your back in a room that is well lighted during the day. Breathe in and breathe out.

2. Calm yourself, calm your mind. Focus on your breathing.

3. Slowly start to distance yourself from your everyday life, of your worries, of your chatter and work issues, leave it all behind. Breathe in and breathe out.

4. Now begin to visualize a forest. You slowly walk among the trees.

5. Focus on one particular unique tree. Observe it closely, it’s trunk, roots, size, leaves. Now lie beneath it, between its roots.

6. As your head touches the roots, your body dissolves and you become nothing but the light that travels within the tree itself. You can feel a sense of belonging of unity with Mother Nature. You can feel your soul getting calmer as your energy synchronizes with Nature. 

7. Your journey begins. Visualize your path. From the trunk of the tree to its branches, to its leaves, and then to another, and another tree until you reach the end of the forest. 

8. And then you soar through the sky, between each and every cloud. You arrive on a beautiful beach with palm trees and you pass through each and every one of them before continuing your journey in the ocean.

9. An endless prosperity of water is before you as you ride the waves. You are everywhere, in each tree, in each lake, sea, ocean, in the tiniest of winds, in each pebble in each dessert. You are one with Nature itself.

10. Now return to the tree. Focus on your breathing. Breathe in and breathe out. As the light which you have become slowly dissolves, you can sense your body.

11. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel how your lungs get filled with air as you are breathing.

12. You can open your eyes when you feel ready.

This Meditation should be practiced during the day, in a well-lighted room. We suggest that if you fall easily asleep easily during meditation to lay on the floor instead of your comfortable bed. This Meditation is best to be practiced at least once a week for 40min – 1h. Also, it would be really great to take a walk to the nearest park after you do this meditation because that way you will strengthen your connection with Nature even further.



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