Tomorrow needs your help !!!

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Posted on January 27 2018

Right now is everything ! The future (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years) to come, all depend on every "right now" moment we have and what each and every one of us do in every "right now".

Hard to believe right? If you get a paper cut right now, that affects your future right ? The next few days you'll be walking around with one.. but what had to happen for you to walk around 3 days from now with a paper cut ? You would've had to have gotten it in a "right now" moment.

We ALL can predict the FUTURE !!!

Did you know that you can tell the future ? Me ? Yes, you ! However your life is today and in whichever state and condition the world may be in today tells you what it will be like tomorrow. Whatever actions you make today, will tell you what tomorrow will be like.Whichever problems linger in the environment of your physical state or your mental state today that you do not do anything with, will be in your tomorrow as well.

Remember, tomorrow doesn't exist and the future doesn't exist. We think and feel like it does because we are used to waking up to another day. So in our minds we say, well darn, gotta do it all over again tomorrow . We must be careful with the words we use. We often talk of the future as if it is separate from today.. it certainly is not. Today is the most important day for the future.

Today = Tomorrow .

If you act out of love or fear today, tomorrow is affected by that. If you litter in a lake today, tomorrow there will be the littler.If you suffer today and do not take care of yourself, tomorrow you will be suffering and not taken care of..I think we all understand that today affects the future. I just think we should all start to ACCEPT the immense POWER and IMPACT we have on the earth and life as we know it in every "right now" moment we have !! 

Whether you want the responsibility or not, you are impacting tomorrow. Not just your tomorrow, but everyone and everything that exists tomorrow! Did you know YOU were THAT important to tomorrow?

Tomorrow depends on your thoughts and actions today !! Help tomorrow out Y'all!



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