Tips For A Material Purge!

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on December 23 2016

What are you giving away?
Here are some tips to clear the clutter!

1. Plan!
This is the most important first step of starting any new project. If you don't have a plan, you might spin in circles, or worse, give up quickly. Try writing a list of the categories (shoes, winter coats, hosiery, etc) you want sort through. Organize them in the most daunting way possible (alternate easy and hard?).

2. Dedicate and schedule a time to sort. Make sure this time will be free of distractions and will not be interrupted. This will allow you to focus on checking off your list.
3. Commit to a completion date.

If you have a date to finish sorting and packing your items to giveaway. For more tips, read our Tips for a Material Purge here.
4. Find a charity, program, friend or family member to give your goods to.
Once you have that person or charity in mind, it will be much easier to picture who your lovely items will go to.
5. Enlist help!
Turn it into a party, after you make your list and organize your space, you can have some friends come over to help pick more items to let go of.    



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