How Big Do You Dream?

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on January 16 2017

Happy New Year!!!
We took a little break from emails to reasses a more improved way to help you discover, magnify and remember your magic in 2017!
It's a new year, and each day holds the promise of new adventures, learning and opportunities. We want to help you seize them all! In line with this, January is all about new beginnings and we've got some magic to help you deliver them your way.
This week, we are all about New Beginnings in your career.

Let's talk New Year's Career Resolutions.
Write down three career desires you wish to manifest this year on a post it.
Post it right on your computer screen. It's important to keep it close, as seeing this list daily will help you align all of the little decisions you make through the year.

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