The Astrology Of The Coronavirus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on April 07 2020

With almost a million and a half cases and about 80.000 deaths worldwide until now, UN chief Antonio Guterres calls the COVID-19 pandemic “the worst global crisis since WW1”. Let’s look at the astrological landscape of the current events, from the transformative Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn to contagious Neptune in Pisces, and try to find an evolutionary purpose to this pandemic.

1. December 2019: The Outbreak

On the 31st of December, the World Health Organization heard the first reports about a new kind of virus in Wuhan, China. The cases had started around December 12. 

How did the cosmic landscape look in December? Firstly, on the 2nd, Jupiter entered Capricorn, the sign that represents society, government, public institutions, corporations, rules, and traditions. In 2019, Jupiter had transited his home sign Sagittarius, where he favored study, traveling, commerce and gave us an overarching sense of purpose and hope. With Jupiter shifting into Capricorn, we’ve entered a new phase where the focus is less on fun and games and more on work that brings balance to our current social structures.

For the past two years, the South Node- karma, the patterns that we have to let go of and transform- has been in Capricorn, showing a need to leave corruption, power struggles and abuse, rigid rules, and hierarchies behind. In December, Venus went through a series of conjunctions in the paternal sign of Capricorn: first with the South Node, then with Ceres, Saturn and finally with Pluto. Often, faster planets such as Venus serve as triggers for the energy of heavier planets. Around December 12, Venus might have triggered a powerful karmic (Saturn) purge (Pluto), also influenced by the energy of Ceres: a symbol for the natural world and the rhythm of the seasons. It’s a call for returning to simplicity and respect for Mother Earth, something that we often forget in the middle of our struggle for complexity and success.

On the 31st, when the WHO heard the first reports about a new type of virus, the Sun was conjunct the South Node and Jupiter in Capricorn. From an evolutionary perspective, we could see this as the beginning of a large-scale (Jupiter) restructuring (South Node) of our current social system (Capricorn).

2. January 1-15: On The Rise

On January 7, the Chinese authorities confirmed that they’ve identified the virus. During the first part of the month, cases have been on the rise in China. 

On January 8, healer Jupiter was in exact conjunction with the South Node in Capricorn. We could see this as our planet entering a process of healing (Jupiter) through hardship (Capricorn). On January 10, we had a Cancer Lunar Eclipse opposing the planets in Capricorn while Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, was stationing in Taurus, the sign of material and financial resources.

We have a strong emphasis on the element of earth, both from Capricorn and Taurus: a call for re-evaluating our relationship with our resources, with the earth that nurtures us and with the way that we’ve been wielding our power through rules, customs and institutions. In conjunction with the North Node (purpose, the future), the Cancer Lunar Eclipse has brought to light what we need to purify to move forward from a materialistic, power-hungry, rigid approach (the Capricorn South Node) to a more humane, nurturing, receptive view both in our personal and in our social lives (the Cancer North Node). Right now, it seems that the solution is staying at home and turning within (Cancer rules the home) instead of looking for outer distractions or achievements.

On January 12, Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, a major astrological event that happens once every 34 years. On top of that, in mid-January, a total of five planets, as well as the South Node and Ceres, are in Capricorn. We can see the backbone of the pandemic in this aspect: Saturn, the lord of karma, and Pluto, the god of the underworld, are objective and uncompromising. They’re the ones that bring us the most valuable life lessons. The difficulty level depends on how much we’re open to assume responsibility for our actions and face our shadow side.

Saturn can bring balance through obstacles, limitations call towards responsibility and accountability while Pluto works through crisis and purging of our shadow side, metaphorical or even literal death. In Capricorn, these two heavy planets trigger a major transformation in governments, public institutions, corporations, rules, and traditions, making us face the dark side of patriarchy and the destructive effects that it brought on the planet and on our well-being. 

Saturn is the planet of restrictions, operating through self-isolation and material limitations during this period. It also rules old age, linked to how COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly. A large number of souls might have chosen to leave Earth at this time as part of their karmic path. 

3. 15-31 January: Contagion

In the second part of January, the number of cases increased in China, while towards the end it had already extended to other countries as well, including the USA. On January 30, WHO stated that the new virus is a public health emergency of international concern. 

On January 24, we had an Aquarius New Moon squaring Uranus in Taurus: a new beginning of sorts, marked by disruption (Uranus) on a material and economic level (Taurus). On January 26, Pluto perfected his square with Eris, the goddess of discord, the one who delights in “the groans of men dying in battle”. According to astrologer Steven Forrest, this is a major aspect that describes the coronavirus pandemic. While Pluto brings unconscious, darker tendencies to the surface, Eris triggers conflict.

Eris is in self-oriented Aries, so in this aspect, she manifests impulsivity and self-centeredness at its peak: we could see this when people rushed in to buy everything from the stores, without thinking of others, led only by their deepest fears and attachments. In a positive sense, this aspect can increase healthy competition and promote progress in finance and business, but it requires us to face our fears and then to reach out, acting not as people at war, but as a global, united community.

Towards the end of January, Venus was conjunct with hazy Neptune in Pisces. Pisces can represent contagion through dissolved boundaries and it automatically activates its opposite sign, Virgo: health, cleanliness, daily work. Our daily routines changed with many of us having to work from home and we became more thorough with the measures taken to avoid the virus. Pisces can also mean distorted information or emotional contagion, so by the end of January, when the Moon joined Venus and Neptune in this watery sign, there was a contagion of both the coronavirus and our fear of it.

4. February: Fast-spreading

At the beginning of February, COVID-19 started to spread through Europe as death counts increased in China. In the second part of the month, China infections dropped and plateaued, while cases in the USA and in Europe were on the rise. 

On February 16, something changed in the astrological landscape: fiery Mars entered Capricorn, soon to join Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Similar to the case of Venus in January, Mars entering heavy Capricorn activated the slower planets and triggered an acceleration of events. Since Mars represents speed, conflict, action in the here and now, we were confronted with a rapid increase in cases. 

On this same day, Mercury started retrograding in Pisces, amplifying contagion and panic. Mercury rules the lungs, so we can see a link to the respiratory symptoms of COVID-19. We can also think of the Diamond Princess Ship infections: Pisces is the ruler of oceans.

On the same note, the Sun entered Pisces on February 18, while expansive Jupiter formed a sextile with boundless Neptune on February 20. This aspect really showed us that there are no borders between countries as far as the virus is concerned. Around February 23, when we had a Pisces New Moon conjunct retrograde Mercury, we had the confirmation of first cases in many countries across the world.

5. March: Fighting The Pandemic

On March 11, the WHO officially declared that the coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic. Around the 21st, Europe was the epicenter of the virus, while towards the end of the month, deaths in the USA had surpassed those in China. 

March was the month when we all realized that things are serious. The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th, opposite a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Pisces while Mercury was retrograde and Venus was conjunct Uranus made us aware of this fast-spreading (Pisces), major threat to our health (Virgo). Uranus in Taurus, who has been announcing big financial changes since 2019, was now activated by his conjunction with rapid Venus, marking a time of upheaval in all things related to the material world (Taurus). The Virgo Full Moon trining the Capricorn planets emphasized the importance of self-isolation and wise use of resources (Capricorn) in order to maintain our health (Virgo), while governments (Capricorn) and hospitals (Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo) started working harder than ever to cope with the pandemic.

In the second part of the month, Mars, the instigator, perfected his conjunctions with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, marking a time when the virus spread with the speed of light and efforts to face it increased significantly. On March 21, Saturn entered Aquarius, marking the start of a new two-year cycle when old structures and rules give way to innovation and more freedom- but not without the expected counter-reactions. Right now, we’re going through a limitation (Saturn) of our freedom (Aquarius) that requires us to organize ourselves as well as possible within the time and with the resources that we have. We can see this period as a transition from materialism and traditional hierarchies to an age where technology, communication, and globalization will be the main routes to success.

On March 30, Mars left Capricorn and also entered Aquarius, marking a time that requires us to think outside the box and look for innovative solutions. The latest news on vaccine development accounts for efforts in this direction.

At the same time, on the 31st, Mars was conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: a period of limitation and fear, when we’re battling the virus (Mars) with all the resources we have (Saturn). What is sure is that the vibe is changing with these two planets entering Aquarius. We’re becoming less focused on fear and restriction and we’re finding new ways to connect, to solve problems and to support those of us who are taking the brunt of the pandemic.

6. April: Transformation

At the moment, we have over 1.3 million cases and 75.000 deaths. On April 3, the USA had the highest daily death toll of any country since the pandemic began while countries like Spain, Italy, and France are registering a downward trend.

A last major aspect that plays an important role in the pandemic is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on April 4. This is an aspect that takes place once every 13 years and signifies a large-scale (Jupiter) crisis and transformation (Pluto) in tourism, education, religion (Jupiter), as well as finance, banking, debt, power (Pluto).

If 2007 brought an economic crisis, now the coronavirus is triggering the weak points of the system that we’ve built along the years (Capricorn): abusive power and irrational decisions from those who are leading us, corporations’ misuse of power and resources, lack of regard for the environment, flaws in the medical system, a focus on comfort and having “more” instead of addressing the real issues at stake. Greta Thunberg’s call for awareness (unsurprisingly, her Sun Sign is Capricorn) is another piece in our current puzzle of collective transformation.

The Libra Full Moon on April 7 triggers the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, marking a time when contracts, relationships, agreements can be made or undone as part of the changes that we’re facing right now.

What About The Future?

1. April and May: Echoes of the pandemic

On April 22, we have a Taurus New Moon in conjunction with Uranus, so it’s good to be ready for the unexpected as upheaval continues in finance and business.

Remember Ceres, the goddess of Earth and fertility, who played a part in the astral landscape of December? On April 23, she enters Pisces, bringing a chance for healing and unity. The secret of Pisces is to recognize that we are all connected and that every little thought and action matters in the grand scheme of things.

On May 7, a Scorpio Full Moon in sextile with Jupiter and Pluto can reveal just how much we’ve transformed on a personal and collective level during these past months.

As Venus, Jupiter and Saturn retrograde in May, we’re being faced with the effects of the pandemic and prompted to find ways to process what has happened, making adjustments. We could see a rise in the number of cases around the 11th as Saturn stations towards retrograde.

On May 22, a Gemini New Moon square Mars in Pisces as Venus and Mercury square Neptune could make some of us more vulnerable to the virus, as Gemini rules breathing and the Pisces-Neptune combo accounts for contagion. It’s also good to stay mindful of news circulating at this time; we could be dealing with confusion or misinformation.

2. June: Nearing The End

At the beginning of June, the Moon’s nodes shift from the Capricorn-Cancer axis into Sagittarius and Gemini. I believe that this major astrological event heralds the “beginning of the end” of the coronavirus pandemic as we know it. 

Capricorn was the most impacted sign during the pandemic, alongside everything it represents: governments, structures, businesses, materialism, our quest for success. As the South Node moves into Sagittarius and the North Node shifts into Gemini, there’s a new lease of life, a new world opening up. The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on the 5th sparks new hope, new opportunities on a quest for freedom, after a painful time of transformation.

However, in the middle of June, the health axis is still activated as Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, while the Sun conjuncts the North Node in the last degree of Gemini (the sign that rules breathing) on June 19. I believe that we will still have new coronavirus cases in June, but that they will decrease by the end of the month as Mars leaves Pisces

With the Cancer Solar Eclipse on the 21st and with Jupiter conjunct Pluto once again, this time while they’re both retrograde, we’ll have to integrate the effects that this period of isolation has had on us as individuals and as a collective.

Until November 12, when the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of this cycle takes place, I believe that we’ll keep dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and with a lower-key threat as new, but fewer, cases will appear. Finally, with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21, when there are no more retrograde planets to keep our face turned towards the past, we’ll be ready to enter a new cycle. 

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction marks an elemental shift from earth to air, a major change that happens once every 200 years and that is now heralding a transition from a fragmented, materially focused society to one of innovation, freedom, communication, and community. This phase will come with new challenges, depending on how well we’ve integrated the lessons that the COVID-19 pandemic has faced us with: respect and integrity instead of power struggles and corruption, wiser use of resources, increased care for the environment and for each other and a collective showdown with our deepest fears.

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